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The U.S. Capitol Building (Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons)

As I read the article “Tax Reform a Bleak Issue for Many Blacks” by Stacy Brown in your most recent issue, I got this sinking feeling that we minorities are indeed in for a bleak economic period when this new tax bill is passed. If we are not aware of the robbery by the GOP tax bill that is about to occur, we must not, as the article says, be paying any attention. We’re already at the bottom of the barrel, financially speaking, and it’s only going to get worse. Black people in particular will take a real hard hit. Actually, it has already started, as evidenced in the way we have been moved out of our longtime homes by foreclosure and by ridiculously high real estate taxes that seem to go up every year as the majority population takes over our city. Young black families who would like to live in the city can’t even afford a one-bedroom apartment anymore. Every house that goes on sale seems to be snapped up by a White buyer, either to live in it or to renovate and flip it. Then comes this new GOP tax bill, a scary thing, and more of us need to say, “No, we won’t take it!”

Yvonne Adams
Washington, D.C.

Harbor Tree a Hit, Mall Tree a Miss

Thank you for the photo of the spectacular Christmas Tree at National Harbor on the front page of your Nov. 7 – Dec. 6, 2017, edition of your paper. The format of the photo gives the impression of a great big celebration. The tree is beautiful and colorful, and the fireworks set the whole picture in a festive mood. I wish I could say the same for the Christmas tree on the National Mall, which was lit by the Trump family last week. Whoever decorated that tree missed the point. It looks monochromatic and just doesn’t seem to capture the spirit of the holiday season. The Christmas decorations at the White House are a bit bizarre, even to the point of being eerie. I guess it’s a reflection of the people who live there. I choose to look at the tree that you featured on your front page, and I thank you for letting us see what a happy holiday should look like!

Lacey Denton
Washington, D.C.

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