Courtesy of LINK Strategic Partners
Courtesy of LINK Strategic Partners

LINK Strategic Partners has been recognized as Large PR Agency of the Year by the Public Relations Society of America.

During an Oct. 18 awards ceremony, the firm took home the group’s prestigious 2018 National Capital Chapter Thoth Award of Excellence.

LINK Strategic Partners, a social impact firm, launched more than six years ago to change the way business was done, believes that “doing well and doing good” are not mutually exclusive, and that it’s possible to build a viable firm that only works to achieve positive outcomes on communities.

“We do not consider ourselves a large firm,” said LINK President Michael Akin. “We were nominated in this category due to revenue, but it likely put us up against firms far bigger than LINK. Not only did our narrative of being a social impact firm resonate, but our work, financial model, record as well as our win and retention rate, pro bono efforts, benefits package and commitment to diversity and inclusion also resonated, so much that we won in the largest category they have.”

Akin noted that while half of LINK’s staff is female, and more than 60 percent of the entire staff are people of color, the D.C.-based firm, which has offices across the country, has hired residents from all eight wards of the city.

Akin added, “while it only takes one person to accept an award, it takes and entire team to earn it, and I have one of the best. [This] recognition is a wonderful testament to my incredible team and our dedicated client partners.”

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