Idris Elba in "Luther"
Idris Elba in "Luther"
Idris Elba in “Luther”

(Entertainment Wise) – Luther is back! With Idris Elba’s career taking off to astronomical levels, we were worried the bonafide A-lister wasn’t going to be able to find the time to track down murderers and solve mind boggling puzzles back here in London while he’s off living it up as a superstar over in Hollywood. But BBC have broken the news we’ve all been gagging for: “Luther is coming back to London,” and it’s about blooming time too!

The gritty detective drama will return to our screens late 2015, if all goes to plan, for a two part miniseries. Written by creator Neil Cross, Luther’s journey will continue with two hour long specials which are scheduled to begin shooting in March. BBC Drama Production and BBC America have both confirmed their involvement in the two-parter, which comes just a day after Fox announced that they will be developing a U.S. adaptation of the series, although Elba is not expected to star. How they’re expecting to top the BBC series, we’ll never know but we’re excited to see what they have in store.

“Ever since we said goodbye to John Luther on Southwark Bridge, there’s hardly been a minute when I didn’t wonder what happened next,” said Cross in an official statement. “So I decided to find out. We’re putting the band back together; Luther is coming back where he belongs. Back to the BBC. Back to London. And back to work.”


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