A conference that will focus on raising awareness about issues most affecting the Black community will convene on Friday, Aug. 26 at the Thurgood Marshall Center in Northwest.

Planners of the Ma’at Conference, Sons and Daughters of Africa in partnership with Jah Kente International, Inc., which begins at 6 p.m., say they hope to use the evening as an educational experience. Keynote speakers include Agoddess and Young Pharaoh.

“The reason why this conference was envisioned is because we need to bring awareness to what’s going on in America as far as our African culture and our spirituality that’s continuously being stripped away from us,” Agoddess said. “We called it Ma’at because she stands for truth, justice and order.”

Agoddess believes that Blacks must relate to and identify with their own culture, another reason that the conference is taking place.

Young Pharaoh, 22, said he uses his troubled past as a means of reaching out to youth and steering them in more positive directions. He first became involved in “street life” at 13 and went to jail at 18, serving just under four years.

“I was never a wicked person. I was just in a wicked situation,” he said. “I would have been all right had someone shown me another road.”

Now out for a year, he has self-educated himself in many different subjects, such as genetics, biology, anthropology, nanotechnology and history. He said he continues to seek information about anything to do with people of African descent: melanin, the makeup of Black people’s brain and their cellular makeup.

Young Pharaoh’s lecture for the conference, the “Biological Computer,” will deal with the physical and spiritual characteristics of the human brain.

“I’m going to be breaking down how your brain can actually dictate your life depending upon its programming,” he said.

Young Pharaoh has also started his own company called “The Black Woman is God” where he teaches that the Black woman is God both spiritually and physically.

He holds other views that may be considered counter to traditional beliefs but he says he stands firm.

“I teach that in one point in time there were only women on the planet using genetics and archaeology to back this fact,” said Young Pharaoh. “I teach through a process that’s called parthenogenesis that the black woman was able to self-fertilize herself and only give birth to women, which will be XX chromosomes.”

Whether one accepts his ideas or not, Young Pharaoh says his life passion is to provide information to the public in order for people to make better choices, “the right choices” — one reason why he agreed to speak at the Ma’at Conference.

“This planet is spiritually sick. People prefer their lower self, their carnal self. We love to believe a lie, and we love to live our lives according to that which is not real,” he said. “I want to help people escape that matrix.”

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