(Geek Snack) – The MacBook Air and the MacBook Pro are two of the more recent Apple products that have become popular in the past few months or more. If you’re a MacBook fan, but are thinking of an upgrade, you might be thinking about buying the MacBook Pro. Read through this comparison between the MacBook Air and MacBook Pro and consider these points when making a decision.

One of the best reasons to buy the MacBook Air, and not the MacBook Pro is battery life. As we all know, one of the most important traits of a laptop or notebook is battery life, without which one such device may become useless as a portable alternative to a PC or just a generally portable workstation. Battery life is an important factor in any mobile, portable device and it seems technology is a bit slow in this area. which means we have to settle. The MacBook Air is a rather efficient device, which has a relatively big battery built-in, compared to its size. Surprisingly, the MacBook Air battery life can hold out for a full day of usage, but that depends on how you actually use the notebook. For general activity and usage, it will definitely last a full day, which is something you can’t say about the MacBook Pro.

The MacBook Air provides a few extra hours of battery life, compared to the MacBook Pro, which can become a crucial difference for many users out there. Since the whole purpose of a laptop is portability, a good battery life is always a good selling point for any laptop, not just the MacBook Air. If you’re intrigued, and maybe skeptical, the average battery life on my part on the MacBook Pro was about 9 hours, while the MacBook Air battery life went up to 12 hours. Already having 9 hours of battery life on  a laptop is absolutely great, but why not strive for even more? Even if the “Never Settle” motto is already taken, I urge you to use it when choosing any gadget.


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