(MacWorld) – Apple’s native Mail app didn’t get the makeover in iOS 9 that Notes and Maps did, but it did get a few tweaks that will make managing your email less of a headache. Plus, Mail reaps the benefits of iOS 9’s iPad multitasking features, which are game-changing on their own.

We’ve been tooling around with Mail since the iOS 9 public beta opened two weeks ago, and here are the biggest changes you can expect when Apple’s new mobile OS is released this fall. (Keep in mind that since this is a beta, features could change between now and the final release.)


The biggest change is the long-awaited support for file attachments. Now you can attach a document with a long press in the body of a message. Before, your only option to add files to emails was to insert videos and photos. You can also save attachments by pressing on the file until the share sheet pops up with a new option, “Save attachment.” You can save to iCloud Drive or other locations, like Dropbox, Google Drive, or another cloud storage locker (if you have those apps installed). You can only select one file at a time to add, at least in the beta, which is mildly annoying, but if you’re trying to attach several files to one email, you’re better off sharing a folder with the recipient.


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