Like moths to a flame — or pigs to slop — mainstream media ate up a questionable new mugshot of comedian Bill Cosby.

Simultaneously, the legendary actor and his loyal team provided a much different picture of the 83-year-old.

Cosby, who has served more than two years of a three-to-10 year sentence for aggravated indecent assault, was pictured on a prison telephone smiling and apparently amused by the conversation with his longtime publicist Andrew Wyatt.

In the photo, Cosby appears upbeat with neatly-cropped hair and nearly clean-shaven.

It’s the opposite of an earlier mugshot touted by outlets including the Associated Press that depicted what mainstream media termed as “unruly white hair” and an “eerie smile.”

Wyatt explained to the Black Press that he released the photo to reassure supporters that the icon was doing well and is eagerly awaiting a Dec. 1 Pennsylvania Supreme Court hearing that could eventually lead to his freedom and the tossing of his guilty verdict.

“We are in a pandemic,” Wyatt said. “Because of that, the prison has been shut down since [March] and Mr. Cosby’s friends and family haven’t been able to see him. So, we wanted to reassure everyone that he’s doing ok during this pandemic.”

Wyatt’s comments were similar to the post that accompanied the release of Cosby’s photo.

The PR maven said he and the rest of Cosby’s team are eagerly awaiting the Supreme Court hearing. Wyatt is scheduled to appear in a live broadcast with Black Press USA immediately following the hearing.

“I think the legal team led by attorney Jennifer Bonjean has done a wonderful job,” Wyatt noted. “We are all looking forward to Mr. Cosby finally getting a fair and just hearing.”

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