Dare to Repair: A Do-It-Herself Guide to Fixing (Almost) Anything in the Home
By Julie Sussman
This is not your father’s home repair book! It’s not your husband’s, your brother’s, your boyfriend’s, or the guy’s next door. Dare to Repair is a do-it-herself book for every woman who would rather be self-reliant than rely on a super or contractor. No matter the depth of your pockets or the size of your home, a toilet will get clogged, a circuit breaker will trip, and a smoke detector will stop working. It’s up to you how you’ll deal with them — live in denial, pay the piper, or get real and do it yourself. Dare to Repair demystifies these home repairs by providing information that other books leave out. In Dare to Repair, you’ll learn how to: fix everything from leaky faucets and refrigerator gaskets to cleaning gutters and replacing broken windows. This book is chocked full of detailed illustrations and “provides even the most repair-challenged woman with the ability to successfully fix things around the home.”

Home Buying by the Experts: How to Make Your Dream Home a Reality
By Brian Yui
Throughout the book, real estate experts reveal the inside scoop on home-buying in this market. Whether you’re a first-time buyer or seasoned veteran, get practical, step-by-step advice from planning your home purchase to moving into the home of your dreams. Heavyweight contributors include best-selling authors Robert G. Allen and Brian Tracy, Quicken Loans CEO William Emerson, and the “Dear Abby of real estate” Bob Bruss. They’re joined by other industry-leading authorities who give homebuyers an in-depth look at each step of the buying process. Chapters – each written by an expert in their field – offer practical advice on assessing home buying potential, choosing the right home, mortgages and insurance, creative financing, successful negotiating, home inspections, contracts and closing, personal and financial goal-setting, moving, and tax deductions.

100 Questions Every First-Time Home Buyer Should Ask
By Ilyce R. Glink
Ilyce R. Glink has established herself as America’s most trusted real estate expert. In this new, fully revised and updated edition of the book that made her a household name, Glink offers more than 100 pages of new material addressing all of the current trends home buyers need to stay on top of, including: the new construction housing boom and how home buyers can make the most of it; mortgage lending innovations, such as interest-only financing and the ability to finance 103 percent of the purchase price; and the changing habits of first-time home buyers (purchasing without a broker, using discount Internet-based services, and buying first homes as investments). 100 Questions Every First-Time Home Buyer Should Ask, Glink presents new stories of real people who have gone through the home-buying process for the first time and once again offers her trademark friendly advice on how to avoid common home-buyer mistakes.

Style and Grace: African Americans at Home
By Michael Henry Adams
This new paperback edition of Style and Grace showcases the stylish, elegant, and, above all, unique homes of distinguished African American professionals and entertainers, by the premier expert on the architectural history of Harlem. Bulfinch’s 2003 hardcover version of Style and Grace: African Americans at Home has done extremely well and is still selling, making this the perfect time to introduce an even more affordable paperback. Style and Grace is the first book of its kind, devoted exclusively to presenting an African American tradition of flair and creativity in home design and decoration. This unique book celebrates the distinctive style of notable homeowners such as hip-hop entrepreneur Russell Simmons, photographer Gordon Parks, and Congressman Charles Rangel, as well as leading bankers, lawyers, artists, and other professionals who have utilized cultural elements and icons to create gorgeous home environments.

9 Steps to Beautiful Living: Dream, Design, and Decorate your Home with Style
By Cecil Hayes
Beauty, elegance, and attention to the smallest details—these are the hallmarks of the work of acclaimed interior designer Cecil Hayes. One of the most celebrated designers in the world, Cecil Hayes at last shares her secrets in Cecil Hayes 9 Steps to Beautiful Living. Readers will discover how Hayes’s nine steps, developed over the course of her career, make it easy—and even enjoyable—to transform a house into a dream home. Stunning full-color photographs illustrate the author’s ideas with examples of rooms she has designed for top stars from sports, music, and movies, including Wesley Snipes, Samuel Jackson, Ty Law, and Timbaland. Clear, step-by-step instructions, cutting-edge design ideas, and warm advice give readers the confidence to create rooms that work well and look stunning.

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