According to The Washington Post, police have shot over 212 Blacks nationwide so far this year. Even more riveting are the statistics on Black-on-Black crime that indicate a young Black male between the ages of 18 to 24 is more likely to die from homicide than his White counterparts. Blacks constitute of 14 percent of America’s population, yet 40 percent of those incarcerated. How do we change this paradigm?

According to Dr. Amos Wilson, noted author of “Black-On-Black Violence: The Psychodynamics of Black Self-Annihilation in Service of White Domination,” understanding the thought processes of the young Black male begins with a look at the phenomenon known as Reactionary Masculinity Syndrome (RMS). There are five major parts to this mindset that contribute to the actions of pants-down-visible-underwear youth: lack of self-love, need for material power, the lack of respect, the lack of the presence of affirming fatherhood, the danger of incarceration increasing violent deaths posed by racial oppression and institutional bias, and racism that is fueled by discrimination.

RMS is a Black male’s futile attempt to assert his “manhood” and to regain some kind of power and respect by actively or passively rebelling against racial oppression and White male authority but in a way that is harmful to himself, his family and his community yet beneficial to the White male oppressor.

The reconnection to greatness of the great kings and queens of Africa, great Black men and women of history like Adam, Solomon, David, Moses, Hannibal, Mandela, Tubman, Bethune, Obama and even Black Jesus must be reclaimed and revisited and retaught. Through the powerful dynamic and courageous leadership of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Marcus Garvey, El-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz (Malcolm X), Frederick Douglass and so many others, the knowledge of the 11 Black U.S. presidents and understanding of the meaning of the 1492 Papal Doctrine of Discovery, to name a few, is needed for the Black male to understand his contributions, mission, purpose and promise and responsibility for generations to come.

The American educational system through institutional bias and racial discrimination and intentional omission of the Black contribution to America has failed Black males and decimated the truth and by strategic omission and left out the history of the contributions of the African American. Research reveals the Doctrine of Discovery, trans-Atlantic Holocaust, the evidence of the African presence long before Columbus in the Americas just to touch a few key areas are truths that require examination and understanding.

The need to reach the Black male is being accomplished soul by soul by the 100 Fathers Inc. using our Proprietary Power Sessions and Fatherhood Training that interactively breaks down and examines the elements of failed behaviors that inhibit the progress for the young Black male that, if not interrupted, has the propensity to lead them into a life of incarceration or a violent death.

According to Dr. Wilson, the primary examination of research points for the paradigm shift requires an introspective look at the Black male’s opinion of the following:

Manhood: What it is to you?
Power: How it is expressed in the community?
Respect: How do you show respect and why is it important?
Fatherhood: Did you have a father or positive father figure in your life?
Racial Discrimination: The system of institutional bias against the Black male and how to navigate through its pitfalls.

Transformation of the Black male’s thought process begins with skilled fathers and father figures who inspire trust and connection when addressing them where they are. This process requires skills, commitment, involvement, resources, supports and opportunities. Proper and sustainable funding for trained certified facilitators is the prerequisite for the challenge of a lifetime that surely will bring hope, help and a hand up in the journey of the Black male from boyhood to manhood.

Malone is CEO of The 100 Fathers Inc. and lead author of “The Legacy of Fathers.”

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