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There are basic character-building principles that never change.

Knowledge from elders is what it takes to shape the mentality of exceptional African-American males in today’s society, which is why the research team at 100 Fathers Inc. teaches a rite of passage to young men that is transformational.

In order to change one’s thinking, there must be information transmitted via love, engagement, connection, enlightenment and spiritual regeneration which leads to empowerment.

Our youth are hungry for Black Jesus and information about the first Christian church that was, in fact, Black, and their history.

They want an education they can use as a weapon against oppression and discrimination, which all leads them to a destination of higher success.

This is a hybrid course we teach as shared and adapted from the Search Institute, complete with rites of passage training and indoctrination into manhood with Rev. Gillis Tripett and the Kwanza principals from the African diaspora.

First, ensure proper initiation into manhood through a rite of passage strategy that touches on his history and reflects on sound principles for living.

Second, ensure that the young man has proper male role models. Boys will mirror what is closest. Stand up real men with powerful character and great leadership.

Third, instill in them great respect for their fellow man. It must be evident in how they communicate to the world. “Yes, sir,” “No ma’am,” “Excuse me,” “Please” and “Thank you” are mandatory vernacular for this to take place.

Fourth, instill in them the value of marriage and family unity to counter the culture of low martial value, extended liaisons living with women, birthing children out of wedlock, calling females hoes, acting like pimps and hustlers and living on the misogynistic demonically inspired rap music.

Fifth, instill in them the value and impact of education: teach that education “is” the power, introduce the genius of the Black contribution to society and the world with mathematics, engineering, religion, music, warfare and interplanetary navigation for early world discovery expeditions.

Sixth, instill civic and political responsibility; you must serve to lead, give back to your community, hold leaders and other men accountable and support your community economically.

Seventh, our young African-American men need rock-solid faith: teach about our diverse rich spiritual heritage, give them an eternal roadmap to overcome dire circumstances and hopelessness.

Finally, instill in them by example the faith to challenge all insurmountable circumstances with a faith that will reign victorious.

The Truth is now the only thing that can save our generations in the age of fake news.

If not us then who? If not now then when? If not here in modern-day Rome … then where?

The Truth has arrived on the internet and we teach with the cellphone on and say look it up now!

Franklyn M. Malone is CEO of 100 Fathers Inc.

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