The sweet, tangy mambo sauce that’s a staple in the D.C. region and sold nationwide will make its headquarters in Prince George’s County.

Plans continue for Capital City LLC to open its warehouse, distribution center and office in July at the Melford Town Center in Bowie. The company will relocate from its current warehouse in Annapolis in neighboring Anne Arundel County, said owner Arsha Jones.

“My husband was raised in Prince George’s County and I graduated from Suitland High School, so it’s kind of a full-circle moment to be able to get such a great warehouse space,” she said.

Jones and her husband, Charles, who died a few years ago, established the business in 2011 during the period of being pregnant with her fourth son.

Arsha said she’d grown tired of driving to a carryout to get wings and mambo sauce and decided to experiment with various recipes and make the sauce at home.

Some people pronounce and spell the sauce “mumbo” while others opt for “mambo.” Either way, it has a taste similar to barbecue sauce, albeit slightly sweeter. Some variations of the sauce give a spicier flavor.

She eventually marketed the product which can now be found online at as well as on shelves at various local stores including Giant, Shoppers and Harris Teeter.

Customers who order products online and don’t want to pay for shipping and handling can now pick them up at the nearly 8,300-square-foot warehouse in Bowie and purchase items in bulk.

Besides mild and sweet hot sauces, people can also buy T-shirts, key chains and gift cards.

This year, Jones marked Capital City’s expansion into an additional 750 Walmart and 350 Target stores nationwide. Internationally, the company has a partnership with U.S. military commissaries “that allow our product to go overseas to military bases.”

David Harrington, president and CEO of the county’s Chamber of Commerce, said the jurisdiction continues to grow as a place for businesses to thrive.

“As we move out of the pandemic, people will see Prince George’s County as a destination which I think is outstanding,” he said. “Before the pandemic, we were the number one job creator in the state of Maryland. We hope with the reopening, we can return to that status.”

Jones said the company will seek at least two people to work in the Bowie warehouse. The company currently has eight employees with four working at the warehouse and the other half online.

“One of the most important things about running a small business is our ability to show what is possible to others, especially when it comes to creating a food product that goes on store shelves,” she said. “I am hoping that trend continues. There are tons of small businesses with a great product that deserve the same visibility as a large corporation like Hines or Kraft.”

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