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A number of drivers in the District speed through school zones and don’t pay attention to signs telling them to go slower, according to a new report from a traffic analytics company.

The INRIX analysis determined that, overall, about 20% of drivers went at least 10 mph faster the 15 mph speed limit posted in school zones, WTOP reported. The study also found that more speeding occurs around schools with lower-income students than those with higher-income students.

The company’s researchers examined specifically traffic data from the first quarter of this year from 8 a.m. to 10 a.m., when children normally arrive at school. Twenty-seven D.C. schools were studied due to the roads in their proximity.

“In recent years, Washington, D.C., officials have continued to prioritize safety around schools, and more is needed in this area to link causes and effects of speeding and traffic-related injuries around schools directly,” the company said, WTOP reported.

The study found that school zone designations appeared to have a slight effect on injury impact, as fatalities and major injuries were lower in school zones.

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