Maryland schools can lawfully request COVID-19 vaccination status of students and require proof of vaccination regardless of whether schools have mandated vaccines, a lawmaker says he was told by the state’s attorney general.

State Sen. James C. Rosapepe, a Democrat representing parts of Prince George’s and Anne Arundel counties, said he requested the Office of the Attorney General for clarification of whether schools have the authority to require proof of vaccination, due to the confusion on the matter after the start of the academic year, Maryland Matters reported.

In response, Sandra Benson Brantley, counsel to the Maryland General Assembly, wrote in a letter to Rosapepe this week that schools can lawfully get a student’s immunization history from a state database or require families to provide that information directly.

In reference to Brantley’s opinion, Rosapepe wants local school systems to actively collect data on which students are vaccinated and those who aren’t, Maryland Matters reported. Plus, the data could help parents and school officials understand coronavirus infections at individual schools, the senator said.

Rosapepe said he sought the legal opinion because he feels the school systems in Maryland “have been moving much too slowly on this,” Maryland Matters reported.

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