Gabrielle Jordan
Gabrielle Jordan is a finalist in a nationwide entrepreneur contest. (Courtesy photo)

A Maryland teen has been named a finalist in a $10,000 nationwide search for the next “kidtrepreneur.”

Gabrielle Jordan, who at 9 years old founded the jewelry line Jewelz of Jordan, joined nine others from around the country as finalists in Barbara’s Bakery’s search for the next amazing young business owner.

“It was recommended that we sign up for the contest and when I looked into it, I saw that there was a chance we could win and that it would be a really good idea because we’re in the process of building up our funds and this would be an amazing opportunity to earn additional money,” said Gabrielle, 17, who comes from a long line of entrepreneurs including her mother and father.

Gabrielle creates handcrafted, limited edition luxury jewelry which she said targets modern, classic and elegant women and girls.

The products can be purchased online and in boutiques in Maryland, Virginia and Pennsylvania.

Additionally, Gabrielle has authored the Amazon bestselling book, “The Making of a Young Entrepreneur,” and she’s created a mentorship program for young entrepreneurs and leaders.

“I’m looking to do something where it’s not just about making money,” she said.

“I have this mentoring institute where we recommend a few of the kids in the group to sign up and possibly win money too. The goal for me is to be able to do something for someone else and to know that the students I mentor are succeeding makes me really proud,” Gabrielle added.

In February, Barbara’s Bakery, a pioneer in cereals and snacks from wholesome ingredients, announced the launch of the contest which the company said seeks to discover innovative youth who embody entrepreneurial passion and vision.

Founded by Barbara Jaffe at the age of 17 as a small organic bakery, the company provides opportunities for more young startups.

Parents and guardians were encouraged to nominate exemplary young individuals and their business ideas on Barbara’s Facebook page where voting will end on April 14.

One grand prize winner will receive a $10,000 grant while five runners-up will win $500 and a case of Barbara’s cereal.

“I am confident and really excited about the voting and I believe I have a good chance of winning at least the $500,” Gabrielle said.

With a dream to keep each of her jewelry pieces handcrafted in America by working with a local organization that provides job opportunities for special needs individuals, Gabrielle also wants to make sure she helps those who require a little assistance.

She said she wants to hire and provide opportunities for those classified as having special needs.

By teaching them specific jewelry making skills to create the various components of her jewelry designs, Gabrielle said she’ll be able to increase her production and at the same time, have employees who take great pride in their work.

“I was definitely a kid who dreamed big,” Gabrielle said.

“I wanted to be able to travel and make jewelry for the stars. I’ve achieved a lot of my goals and so much more and helping others is important. I tell young people to focus on what it is that makes them unique,” she said.

“It’s important that we bring our vision and it’s important that we stay true and focused and don’t let others persuade what our reality is.”

To cast a vote in the Kidtrepreneur contest, visit

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