McDonald's Burgers

(BuzzFeed) – McDonald’s is on a mission to get its business back in shape, and it’s finally taking another look at its food. Chief executive Steve Easterbrook said at a conference Wednesday morning that as the company makes organizational changes—which were the focus of the new CEO’s comments about the turnaround earlier this month—“At a more fundamental level we are recommitting to hotter, tastier food across the menu.”

With the burgers, McDonald’s will change “the way we sear and then grill our beef so the patties come off juicier,” Easterbrook said.

The bread will get some more attention too. A burger bun at McDonald’s may be impossibly smooth and round, but it may also seem light, fluffy, almost unremarkable. The company will start having restaurants toast them five seconds longer, which will make them 15 degrees warmer. It may even add some texture and toasty flavor.

“It’s the little things that add up to a big difference for our customers,” said Easterbrook.


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