Nicole Webb (center) has helped others in business. (Courtesy photo)
Nicole Webb (center) has helped others in business. (Courtesy photo)

Nicole Webb provides a unique service to both men and women.

The Maryland-born Webb serves as a career coach, helping clients make career changes.

She also assists those who may file complaints with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, as well as helping employees to successfully navigate challenges in the workplace with supervisors and co-workers.

A graduate of Coppin State and the University of Baltimore, Webb also contributes to Black Enterprise magazine, writing career advice articles.

“I became a career coach after dealing with my own struggles and then I landed what I thought was my dream job in human resources as an HR client partner, but it turned out to be my worst nightmare,” Webb said. “I was making great money, had the fancy job title but I was actually unhappy. All I did was work and had no time to live my life.

“Instead of continuing in a position that made me miserable and complaining about it, I decided to resign and take time to plan out my next career move,” she said.

Undaunted and motivated, Webb developed a plan of action and she executed it. After landing an opportunity as an HR compliance officer, she began planning the launch of her own company, NK Webb Group, a company that specializes in career coaching for individuals and HR consulting services for small to midsize companies.

“My background in business and HR has added true value to my company’s success and it’s still growing four years later,” Webb said.

Additionally, she teaches HR courses to undergraduate students at the University of Baltimore.

“I love the work that I do because it’s truly my passion,” she said. “I enjoy seeing my client’s success and when they reach out to me with updates on what they have accomplished, it motivates me to keep going.”

Webb’s client list — which covers the District, Fresno, Calif., Columbia, S.C., Cleveland, Dallas and Baltimore — includes university deans and vice presidents.

It also include everyday people.

Her friends and acquaintances say she’s a natural leader with a strong determination to succeed.

Recently, Webb appeared as an expert guest on Roland Martin’s now-canceled “NewsOne Now” on TV One to provide insight on sexual harassment.

“I teach my clients about career ownership and why it’s in their best interest to make the decision to take full responsibility for their actions as it relates to their career pursuits,” she said. “Additionally, I teach them how to leverage their knowledge, skills and abilities to land career opportunities of their choice.”

Webb contends that the universe has aligned her with who and what she’s needed at the right time.

“I have been able to connect with good people in [Maryland] as well as out of state who are very supportive of my company and what I’m working to accomplish,” she said.

On Feb. 3, Webb will hold a workshop, “Be the CEO of Your Career,” in Baltimore for full-time workers, business owners, entrepreneurs and the unemployed who might be in need of career guidance.

“My motto is, ‘Make your next career move your best career move’ whether you’re just starting out in your career, a mid-career professional or approaching retirement,” she said. “I encourage them to follow [their] instincts. It’s important to carve your own path so that you won’t have any regrets. Never allow your admiration for someone else’s accomplishments to deter you from pursuing your own because you think you can’t be successful, too.”

For tickets to the Feb. 3 event, go to

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