The quieter you become, the more you can hear.”

Meditation has become so important today, especially with so many changes occurring in our earth, starting with climate change.  We have all experienced the major hurricanes, tornadoes leveling entire towns, only leaving a few houses standing.  We have witnessed storms with so much rain that fish are displaced, now with so much ocean water covering neighborhoods, you wouldn’t know the difference.  We are having fires that burn for months, and ice that has been frozen for centuries, melting and the ocean warming up. And lastly, we seem to be getting close to the end of a world-wide pandemic.  None of us knows what could happen next.

Thus, the need for meditation.  This is the time to be quiet, and commune with our Divine Leader, no matter what your faith.  Let me introduce to some and present to others, my dear friend Sister Dr. Jenna. The two of us met during the new series that was seen on the OWN TV Network, the Belief Series, by Oprah Winfrey. The two of us shared leadership, working closely with the committee in the Washington, DC, Maryland and Virginia area, she’s the best!

Sister Dr. Jenna is the author of a recently released book Meditation: Intimate Experiences with the Divine through Contemplative Practices. As an acclaimed, trusted spiritual mentor she is committed to bridging divides in societies and building relationships between global influencers. She has impacted lives around the globe, inspiring change and finding solutions to current day crises as the founder and director of the Brahma Kumaris Meditation Museum, located in the metropolitan Washington D.C. area. 

Sister Dr. Jenna is also the host of the popular America Meditating Radio Show and recipient of the President’s Lifetime National Community Service Award.  

She is a member of the Evolutionary Leaders Circle and was selected by Empower A Billion Women 2020 as one of 100 most influential leaders of 2015. Sister Dr. Jenna’s voice of influence is particularly needed in the wake of tragedy and increasing violence in our world.

Acclaimed spiritual mentor Sister Dr. Jenna expands the concept of meditation to the highest level—from simple relaxation to ecstatic union with Source with MEDITATION: Intimate Experiences with the Divine through Contemplative Practices, her first book and the second book in our Common Sentience book series.

Her wisdom will enhance your understanding of the value of contemplative practices, what happens when you turn within, and how it develops your capacity for selfless service. Learn how listening to your inner silence can help you overcome life obstacles, reclaim your spiritual power, and immerse in the presence of the Divine.

What makes this book uncommon and truly special is it shares spiritual wisdom on the intimate journey of coming home to yourself through meditation and true, personal stories of meditation as a gateway into the mystical.

In Part One: Understanding Meditation, Sister Jenna shares foundational yet profound wisdom on the experience of God inside of you, how to meditate and why, and what happens when you meditate.

Part Two: Intimate Experiences with the Divine through Contemplative Practices the mystical goes mainstream sharing the personal, meditative experiences that Sister Dr. Jenna and people from around the world have had. Find out how a mothers’ mindful moments led to: Heartfelt clarity about a father’s death giving his son a new life; woman embracing her wounded inner child and healing; an inexplicable medical miracle; a grieving mother connecting with the child she lost; understanding Divine Love through a grandchild’s eyes; receiving guidance from spiritual masters on one’s sacred work.

Part Three: Deepening Your Connection to the Divine through Meditation does just that as Sister Dr. Jenna shares the world behind our eyes, practices that can deepen the meditative experience, and the path of seva as an integral part of our journeys.

Sister Dr. Jenna is the author of a recently released book Meditation: Intimate

Experiences with the Divine through Contemplative Practices

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