(The Huffington Post) – The newest entry in the annals of viral marketing features a sexy robot, a sci-fi movie and app dating. AdWeek reports that attendees at the South by Southwest festival in Austin, Texas, have been running across this beautiful woman on Tinder:

When AdWeek reporter Tim Nudd’s friend Brock matched with “Ava,” she drew him into a philosophical conversation.

The link she shared took him to Meet Ava, a bare Instagram account featuring two movie posters and a short clip from the film “Ex Machina.” It turns out Ava’s face belongs to “Ex Machina” star Alicia Vikander.

“Ex Machina,” which premiered in Austin during SXSW, tells the story of a young coder invited to his boss’ compound, where he meets Ava, an eerily human robot. Their interactions are part of a Turing Test, which holds that a truly artificially intelligent machine will convince a person of its humanity.


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