Kamala Harris
Kamala Harris

An Army veteran from Texas already wanted by the Secret Service was arrested outside of Vice President Kamala Harris’ official residence.

Secret Service agents took Paul Murray into custody on Wednesday after finding a large-capacity, ammunition-feeding device, a rifle and ammunition, and another unidentified dangerous weapon.

Harris and second gentlemen Doug Emhoff have not moved into the residence at the U.S. Naval Observatory, and neither were there during the incident.

“The Brazos County [Texas] Sheriff’s Office has been in contact with Paul Murray over the past two weeks at the request of family members due to his behavior,” Texas officials wrote in a statement issued to the media Thursday. “There were no criminal violations found, but our agency continued to monitor the situation because of concerning behavior and statements, as well as information that Murray may have been in possession of weapons.”

Authorities said deputies, working with the family and health care providers to obtain a mental health evaluation, received information that Murray may have traveled to Washington, D.C.

“We communicated that information with our local and federal partners in an effort to ensure the safety of all involved,” the statement read.
“Sheriff [Wayne] Dicky is grateful for the efforts of all the agencies that took part in this event. It is through these efforts to share critical information that situations like this can be resolved without harm to anyone. Protecting our community is the highest priority of the Brazos County Sheriff’s Office.”

Murray’s mother reportedly called the police to request a welfare check on her son, stating she was concerned about his mental state.
Court documents revealed that the 31-year-old Murray complained to police that he wasn’t getting support from the Department of Veterans Affairs and was not taking prescribed medication.

Nevertheless, many Americans have expressed concern that Murray may have targeted the vice president for political reasons or because she’s a woman of color.

“He had a rifle and a large capacity clip in his vehicle,” Twitter user @1988Vor wrote. “Is he just another ‘bad day’ Christian man or mentally disturbed?”

Added University of Miami visiting professor Rula Jebreal:

“The day after a terrorist killed 6 Asian-American women & a gunman was arrested outside VP Kamala Harris’ home, 172 pro-gun, pro-MAGA insurrection congressmen (who voted to overturn 2020’s free & fair U.S. Presidential election) voted against The Violence Against Women Act.”

Volitional Motivation Specialist Holly Nelson deadpanned: “White man shoots 8 Asian women. White man kidnaps, rapes, and kills a British woman while she’s walking home at night. White man purchases AR-15 and goes to Washington to shoot Kamala Harris. White man..white man..white man. They only tell u to fear men of color to distract u.”

Neither Harris nor the White House has issued statements regarding the incident.

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