Metrobus officials say they will strive to get an "A" grade from D.C. riders. (Courtesy of WMATA)
Courtesy of WMATA

Metro says it will scale back bus and MetroAccess service due to “growing absenteeism rates across service areas related to COVID illness and exposure.”

The agency said Tuesday that bus service will be reduced on weekdays to a Saturday schedule with added trips on some routes, which is roughly 75% of regular bus service and protects key routes that serve hospitals, grocery stores and other essential points of disembarkation, WJLA-TV (Channel 7) reported.

MetroAccess will lower shared rides and increase accessibility rides. Additionally, bus operators will be allowed to bypass customers that aren’t wearing masks.

Metro encourages bus customers to consider alternative modes of transportation such as Metrorail to travel through the area.

The changes in service and schedules will start Monday.

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