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WI Web Staff Report
Former Republican National Committee chair Michael Steele has reportedly joined an anti-Trump group that’s working to prevent the president from winning a second term in the White House.
The Lincoln Project, which consists of a group of Republicans, was founded by political strategist Rick Wilson who said in a statement that Steele is “a singularly insightful and effective political leader … [with] a remarkable track record of electoral success.”
“I get my role as a former national chairman. I get it, but I’m an American. I get my role as a former party leader. I’m still an American. And these things matter to me more than aligning myself with a party that has clearly decided it would rather be sycophantic than principled,” Steele –the first African American to be elected lieutenant governor in Maryland –said Monday in an MSNBC interview.
Since leaving his position in 2011 as RNC chair, Steele has become one of Trump’s most outspoken Republican critics.

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