Michelle Obama (Photo courtesy Joyce N. Boghosian, White House photographer)
Michelle Obama (Photo courtesy Joyce N. Boghosian, White House photographer)

Approximately nine months before the all-important midterm elections and after one year of President Joe Biden’s administration, Democrats face an uphill climb to maintain control of the House and Senate.

And many political experts have opined that, as things stand, it’s challenging to fathom Biden winning a second term.

With less than desirable approval ratings and the failure to push through vital legislative priorities, President Biden has faced tough questions – fair or unfair – about his competency.

And whether his reelection opponent will be former President Donald Trump or Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, many Democrats realize they have reasons for concern.

The Hill recently summed up that concern:

Topping the speculation spectrum is Trump vs. DeSantis – a Drudge Report favorite topic that could be brutal. Vice President Kamala Harris’s (alleged) lackluster performance is a close second. 

If President Biden declines to seek a second term, she sucks up copious bandwidth as a weak frontrunner. Currently, there’s much chatter about the unlikely chance that Biden nominates Harris to the Supreme Court, solving two presidential “problems” — which Black woman to select for the Court and whether to remove Harris from the 2024 ticket.

Third, reflected in polling, is an early assumption that Biden is a failed one-termer channeling Jimmy Carter. That has raised the possibility of Hillary Clinton’s presidential comeback. 

But Clinton’s appeal pales compared to whom the Hill identified as the Democrats’ “emergency” candidate: former first lady Michelle Obama.

One GOP activist told the newspaper, “God help us. She could beat any of our candidates.”

However, Obama has repeatedly stated her opposition to running for office.

Still, those romanticizing about a possible run by the famous former first lady point to her best-selling book, “Becoming.”

In the memoir, Obama wrote, “evolving is an ongoing process,” meaning as time goes by, it’s conceivable that she could change her mind and seek to make history as the first woman to win the presidency.

“The U.S. needs a female president. Unfortunately, we are lagging behind the world in giving a chance to a female, and really, it would be hard to find a better candidate for the role than Mrs. Obama,” said Chris Anderson, the District-based founder of SootheYourFeet.com.

“She has everything that any serious candidate needs. The experience of her husband’s tenures means she knows exactly what is expected, she has none of the baggage that Mrs. Clinton carried around with her, she is an articulate and effective speaker and her rock star appeal would leave any Republican quaking in their boots,” Anderson insisted.

“That mass appeal spreads all over the divides, appealing to the Democrats, independents, the minorities, the female voters,” he said. “She would fill stadiums wherever she went and build up such a momentum that she would be unstoppable. All it takes is for someone to persuade her to go for it, and she is in.”

Steve Spacek, a D.C. public service consultant and campaign strategist, agreed.

“Michelle Obama would have a very good chance to win the presidency when pitted against Donald Trump, or even against the incumbent President Biden or (West Virginia Democratic Sen.) Joe Manchin,” Spacek said. “I expect Mrs. Obama to certainly fare better than Hillary Clinton ever did, in partisan primaries and any general election.”  

Significantly, Spacek added, Obama appears free of controversy and carries no discernable baggage.

“At 58, she would be younger than the current and previous president and any current crop of candidates,” he noted.   

Dr. Michal Strahilevitz, interim director of Elfenworks Center for Responsible Business and a marketing professor at Saint Mary’s College of California, said many Americans want to see former President Barack Obama return to the political spotlight.

Dr. Strahilevitz said if Mrs. Obama ran, the support she’d receive truly would rock the vote.

“It would be great to have this impressive power couple back in the White House,” Dr. Stahilevitz asserted. “Michelle Obama is herself a powerful woman and a force of her own with a successful book and a smart and extremely loyal fan base.”  

“She is also relatable. She is genuine, even when that means saying controversial things. While some may see this as a liability, it is part of her appeal.” 

“We know what she is thinking and we appreciate that authenticity. These are some reasons I believe she would be particularly good for voter turnout. As a candidate, she would motivate and inspire in a way that few other candidates could,” he said.

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