Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella (AP Photo)


Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella (AP Photo)
Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella (AP Photo)

Could Office finally be coming to the iPad? This is the rumour currently being trafficked ahead of the first major Microsoft event chaired by new CEO Satya Nadella.

Certain media outlets have received an invitation to “a special cloud- and mobile-focused event”  on 27 March with sources suggesting that the company will be launching a version of its productivity suite for Apple’s tablets.

Investors have been urging Microsoft to port its popular software onto iOS devices for years, but it seems the company was loathe to undermine its own operating system by making Office available elsewhere.

It’s thought that Microsoft will be duplicating the format of its Office for iPhone software (launched last June), meaning that users can view Office documents on their iPad for free (including Word, PowerPoint and Excel files) but will need to take out a subscription to Office 365 to do any actual editing.


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