The Sleigh Room inside Miracle on 7th Street Holiday Pop-Up Bar, featuring a mural of a Christmas-inspired Beyonce (Farrah Skeiey)
The Sleigh Room inside Miracle on 7th Street Holiday Pop-Up Bar, featuring a mural of a Christmas-inspired Beyonce (Farrah Skeiey)

The Drink Company, creators of the Cherry Blossom- and “Game of Thrones”-themed pop-up bars, is returning with its annual holiday craze along with new additions for the season.

The “Miracle on 7th Street” returned to Shaw at 1839 7th Street NW on Friday, Nov. 24 for its third year, offering holiday-inspired fare until New Year’s Eve.

“I love Christmas,” said Drink Company President Derek Brown. “It’s more than just the presents, food and decorations for me. It’s about cheer. People just seem happier. Miracle is all about bringing some of that levity to life.”

This year’s pop-up bar will have five winter scenes, including Chinese Food and a Movie, a room dedicated to those who don’t necessarily celebrate Christmas.

The room includes takeout containers, Chinese food menus, Drink Company fortune cookies, Chinese lanterns and a giant menorah.

Guests will enter through a Christmas decor explosion, designed by director Matt Fox and manager Adriana Salame Aspiazu of Drink Company, and can pose for photos in an antique sleigh from the 1800s.

The designers said that childhood winter nostalgia is present throughout the bar with a working toy train, a Christmas tree and a gingerbread house that lets revelers walk into a room full of sugary treats.

“It’s cloaked in great decorations and, of course, we make amazing drinks, but the real reason ‘Miracle’ is so popular and why it’s my favorite? Is because it’s a grand conspiracy to have fun and everyone is in on it, from the bartenders to the guests,” Brown said.

The group also has brought back their signature holiday-inspired cocktails such as “Elf’s Breakfast,” “Whobilation,” and “I Sleigh, All Day,” a play on lyrics from Beyonce’s hit song “Formation.”

Inside the bar is a holiday-inspired mural of Beyonce that has set Instagram and social media ablaze.

Senior bar manager Paul Taylor said the holiday pop-up bar is all about the season, nostalgia and drawing from friends, family and the food they love.

“Classic holiday movies also serve as inspiration throughout the menu, and the story behind the ‘Elf’s Breakfast’ is a perfect example,” he said. “As a child on Christmas morning, I’d eat a huge bowl of cereal to get the energy I needed to unwrap all the presents. So, we created a cocktail that reminded us of that — with a little help from Elf, of course — using cinnamon toast crunch, maple syrup and spaghetti, the candy kind.”

“Snow Angels, Ice Skating, Cookie Dough evokes Christmas past with cookie dough infused vodka, coffee liqueur, frangelico, creme de cacao, milk, and cookie dough bites,” Taylor said. “This milk punch is affectionately known to our bartenders and guests as the ‘cookie dough cocktail.’ But the kitsch factor doesn’t detract from quality. All of our cocktails are meant to be fun, and are sure to please even the biggest Grinch, but we also believe in making them excellent.”

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