#missionsmile Launches Movement to Keep the Nation Smiling

YouTube Celebrity Mark Miller Helps Set Guinness World Records Title for Most Selfies in an Hour

Miami, FL, May 03, 2014 – Today, #missionsmile announced that it has helped to set the Guinness World Records title (GWR) for the most selfies taken in an hour, as part of the launch of a movement to encourage random acts of kindness across the country. The record is now set at 355 selfies in an hour.

#missionsmile worked with YouTube celebrity and vlogger Mark E. Miller and his partner Ethan Hethcote, to secure the GWR in South Beach, Miami by recording selfies with beach goers, visitors and residents using his smartphone. All 355 participants will be listed in the official GWR.

“I’m excited to have my name listed in the Guinness World Records for most selfies taken in an hour and proud to help launch the #missionsmile campaign,” said Mark. “Our mission is to get people smiling and committing random acts of kindness to make this world a better place.”

“It is our pleasure to authenticate the Guinness World Records for number of selfies taken in an hour,” said Kimberly Partrick, Guinness World Records adjudicator. “The selfie phenomenon has spread across the world and we look forward to new records being added to our records.”

Setting the world record is just the beginning. #missionsmile invites everyone to log on to to accept their own mission and join the movement to spread smiles all over the U.S. by self-less acts – ranging from buying coffee for a stranger, saying something nice to a random person or leaving a note for a co-worker telling them how much you appreciate them.

Participants can choose from these and other “missions” and, once complete, can upload their accomplishment and tag #missionsmile on social media.  To find out who is behind #missionsmile, please return to our website in June!

About #missionsmile 

#missionsmile is a movement to get the nation smiling. #missionsmile utilizes the Internet’s most creative celebrities to rally the nation to accept its mission at Follow #missionsmile on Twitter and see how others are activating grins everywhere. 

For media inquiries contact: Michelle Kawas, or (551)689-9261.

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