County residents may see just a little more snow in spring. (Courtesy of

Spring has arrived, but weather advisers warn that the region may be in for yet another round of snow this weekend, even as temperatures reached the 60s earlier in the week.

“Temperatures bounce all around, and we have several additional chances for precipitation of different varieties: drizzle, showers, thundershowers and, yes, maybe some more wet snow by the weekend,” the Washington Post’s Capital Gang predicted.

Temperatures are expected to take a dip on Saturday, with a high of 42 and a low of 32, with possible precipitation.

Should snow fall, it is hopeful that the flakes will melt by Monday morning to prevent any future school closings and delayed summer vacations.

Police Chief Talks School Safety

In the wake of last month’s deadly school shooting in St. Mary’s County, Montgomery County Police Chief Tom Manger recently spoke about school safety and guns.

During a March 25 event at the People’s Community Baptist Church in Silver Spring, Manger discussed ideas proposed by residents to help make schools safer.

“The dumbest idea I’ve heard in my 40 years of being a police officer is arming teachers,” Manger said. “More guns do not make us more safe.”

Manger opposed adding metal detectors at school entrances because of the message he fears it would send to young people.

“We cannot make these schools armed fortresses,” he said. “We can’t put gates up, fences up.”

Manger also spoke of the need to handle students with mental health issues who make school threats on social media in a more intricate way.

Car Crashes into Rockville Shoe Store

Two people were injured Saturday in Rockville when a vehicle crashed into a shoe store.

Police responded about 6 p.m. to the scene where a car had plowed into the Richey and Company shoe store at Congressional Plaza.

A building inspector was called to check the integrity and viability of the store. The two people who were hurt didn’t suffer life-threatening injuries.

Authorities are still investigating the cause of the crash.

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