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The Montgomery County Parks Department, in partnership with Visit Montgomery, may start permitting alcohol consumption at certain locations as part of “Picnic in the Park,” a pilot program that allows food delivery to parks.

Department Director Michael Riley said the goal is to support the county’s restaurants amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

“We know people sometimes enjoy a glass of wine or beer with dinner,” Riley said, WUSA-TV (Channel 9) reported. “Under our current rules, it is not permissible to have alcohol in the parks. In the nine designated areas, we’re going to try a pilot and rescind that rule and hope that all goes well.”

Riley said more seating has been added to the nine parks in the pilot and instructional signs are set up to assist visitors. He said visitors can scan the QR code on the sign to be directed to a list of participating restaurants — and order there. He said 150 people have participated in the pilot and expects the number to grow.

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