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The majority of Americans say they smoke marijuana more than cigarettes, a new Gallup poll indicates.

The poll stated that 16% of Americans say they presently smoke marijuana, with 48% saying they have tried the federally illegal drug at some point in their life — the highest rate ever recorded by Gallup, WTTG-TV (Channel 5) reported. In 2021, 12% of respondents told Gallup they used marijuana.

In contrast, a record-low 11% of adults reported smoking cigarettes with about three in 10 nonsmokers stating they used to smoke, a steep drop in cigarette use compared to 45% in the 1950s, WTTG reported.

The poll reported marijuana use was higher among adults in the 18-34 age range with 30% saying they smoke weed and 22% consuming marijuana-laced edibles. Older Americans, such as those in the 35 to 54 and 55 and older report lower usage of marijuana, 16% and 7%, respectively.

The poll was completed on Aug. 16, with Gallup holding phone interviews with 1,013 people 18 and older nationwide.

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