More Thuggery as Auburn Players “Allegedly” Use Racial Slurs and Threaten a Girl

Special to the NNPA from The Capstone Report

I know you’re not going to believe this, but there is still more new cases of thuggery associated with the Auburn football program.

According to CBS Atlanta and other sources, two Auburn football players recently verbally assaulted an African-American girl in a McDonalds, calling her a nigger and a bitch.

When her brother stepped forward to defend her, according to the girl’s father, Auburn center Reese Dismukes became more aggressive towards them, threatening that “he would crush him.” Understandably, this sent the brother into a rage, who ironically was the only one of the three men involved arrested by the Auburn police. Hmmmmmm.

Patrick Miller was named by the girl’s father as the other player. Miller is listed on the Auburn roster as an offensive lineman, standing 6’7″ and weighing in at 273. Dismukes is listed at 6’3″, 300. Both Miller and Dismukes are caucasion.

And these beacons of humanity chose an African-American girl in a McDonalds as their target of aggression, using racial language unconscionable for a young man who plays alongside those who share her race, and offense for the word.

So, let’s review. On Chizik’s watch we had a player (Eric Smith) attack an engineering student in a hotel parking lot, leaving him on the pavement for dead.

We have armed robbery involving four current players (Michael McNeil, Antonio Goodwin, Shaun Kitchens and Dakota Mosley) who will now be girlfriends in a federal prison near you.

We have a fifth current player who anywhere else would be named an accomplice to the crime (Michael Dyer) since the four used his weapon.

We have a shooting and death that happened “allegedly” at a pool party where several recruits were present, a conflict that erupted over a girl.

We have a highly touted recruit (Carl Lawson) sent home from “The Opening” for “detrimental and general misbehavior.”

We have a loud-mouthed quarterback with a history of thuggery in Zeke Pike (the answer, many thought), sent home for the summer…maybe indefinitely…because he can’t stay out of trouble.

We have another recruit (Dee Liner) arrested twice in ten days.

We had a defensive lineman in 2010 who everyone in the league but those wearing orange and blue accused of late hits and possible roid rage.

We had a quarterback whom everyone on the planet knows was paid upwards of $250,000 to play at Auburn.

We have a top recruit whose mom mysteriously got a job in Auburn, moving him from Lagrange, GA to become teammates with Auburn coaches Curtis Luper and Trooper Taylor’s sons, who switched his longtime commitment from Alabama to Auburn, mysteriously.

We have a current coach with rumors swirling that he “allegedly” engaged in funny business with a Tigerette.

We have a former head coach who admitted to cheating, paying players like yard boys who was banned from the program in the 90′s who now is a hero to the fambly, complete with Sandusky-like access and the dadgum field named after him.

And all this is just off the top of my head. But don’t worry. More is surely on the way, faster than Onterio McCalleb can run out of bounds.

You can bleed orange and blue if you want. You can post the Auburn creed on your facebook page. You can use neat-o catch phrases that the program cranks out like Gatlinburg cranks out saltwater taffy. You can insult your own intelligence and pretend like faith plays a role within the coaching staff.

But the bottom line is, if you’re an Auburn fan, you support one of the most godless, dirtiest group of future convicts college football has ever seen.

Leadership starts at the top, and folks, there is none in Lee County. Gene Chizik deserves a shot to be a head coach one day, and maybe he’ll get that chance. But what you’re seeing in Auburn is a band of renegade junkies led by a multi-headed monster of which Gene Chizik is obviously not in control.

How macho of two offensive linemen to verbally assault a girl. What honor. What nobility. Auburn fan, that in the creed??

I guess they have to get their aggression out somehow. Getting your ass whipped on your home field by your rival will create pent up frustration that has to come out somehow. Getting pimp slapped by half the league last year will do the same.

Simply put, if you subscribe to the actions I’ve listed here, glazing over it all because you’re “an Aubuhn man” and looking past the reckless pattern of behavior that Chizik obviously doesn’t have control of on the Plains, you’re no better than Joe Paterno who looked the other way for four decades in Happy Valley.

The crimes are much different, but the intent is just the same. It’s too hard to do things the right way. Ten years removed from one of the harshest penalties in NCAA history, Alabama has proven it’s not so hard afterall, and it’s well worth it, to boot.

So when will Auburn choose to do things the right way in Lee County? Do they operate like fugitive thugs because it’s easy? Or because they just can’t do it with honor and win?

I think we all know the answer to that question. Some just find it too hard to admit it.

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