The mounting economic toll of the coronavirus pandemic has forced many Americans to resort to food banks.

A new nationwide survey by Consumer Reports found that 19% of American grocery shoppers have either used a food pantry, food bank or community food distribution center at some point during the pandemic, WTOP reported.

Using these food sources was a first for about half of those surveyed and people of color were affected more than whites, WTOP reported.

The survey found about 35% of Blacks used a free food service in the past several months, with 36% of those doing so for the first time ever, WTOP reported. Among Latinos, 22% said they have received free food since the onset of the pandemic and it was the first time for 61% of those surveyed.

For whites, 15% said they have used a free food service during the pandemic, with roughly 50% said it was for the first time, Consumer Reports reported.

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