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Morehouse College faces a multimillion-dollar financial crisis as the result of hundreds of students’ failure to pay tuition and fees.

To help offset its $5 million crunch, the historic school, known as one of Atlanta’s best institutions of higher learning, is looking to tighten its belt over a nine-month period with furloughs and ceasing to match retirement fund contributions for its 415 employees.

“We are trying to take an approach that creates the least disruption to our education programs as well as to the quality of student services,” Morehouse College President David Thomas said recently. “No faculty are being laid off or eliminated, and our hourly employees — who tend to be our lowest-paid — are not impacted.”

Thomas added that he, as an employee, will also be affected.

Meanwhile, many students have stated concern about being left in the dark about their school’s finances, as well as being troubled over recent revelations of uncovered sexual harassment accusations.

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