More than two-thirds of Americans plan to get vaccinated for the novel coronavirus, according to a new survey.

The results of the Kaiser Family Foundation survey released Tuesday show that roughly 71% of all Americans have indicated they will get the coronavirus vaccine.

The Kaiser Foundation, a nonprofit health research group, surveyed 1,676 adults as the COVID-19 Vaccine Monitor. Kaiser said it will update the survey on a regular basis, CNN reported.

The survey reported one-third of the participants said they wanted the vaccine “as soon as possible,” while 39% said they would “wait and see” how the vaccine performed first.

The survey found that roughly 15% would not get the vaccination, while about 9% said they would only get the vaccination if they were required to.

Blacks, rural dwellers and Republicans were the wariest. Kaiser noted those who rejected getting the vaccine were “disproportionately made up of Republicans and people with no more than a high-school level education,” CNN reported.

Blacks’ hesitancy is partly based on fear of side effects and concerns about getting the coronavirus from the vaccine, the foundation reported.

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