Netflix’s new film “Troll” is an action fantasy drama that is based on Norwegian folklore. It takes place in a very scenic mountain area located in Dovre, Norway. 

Nora Tidemann and her father Tobias Tidemann are mountain climbing as he tells her that the mountains are the home of Trolls, but she will only be able to see them if she believes in them. Years later, something gigantic appears from the mountains leaving large footprints and causing fear within the nearby city. 

The Norwegian government steps in to try and contain the creature, but their tactics only make things worse. Nora and her father are the only people that understand the Troll, and she is forced to develop a plan that hopefully will help.

The film is directed by Roar Uthaung. He was born in 1973 in Norway. After attending film school he started to direct his own films. He is best known for directing “Tomb Raider” in 2018. During a YouTube interview with the channel WaterOnAir, Uthaung stated that he “came up with the idea for the movie Troll 20 years ago.” He was inspired when he saw movies like Godzilla and King Kong. He also stated in that interview that he believes Troll would be the winner of a fight with King Kong.

The film did a good job of creating an understanding of the characters to the audience in a short time. Within the first few minutes, you can already feel the bond between Nora, played by One Mare Wilmann, and her father Tobias, played by Gard B. Eidsvold. Both actors are also from Norway, so they do a good job of making you believe in their knowledge of Norwegian folklore. You even begin to feel a connection with the Troll even though his backstory is only explained in a short scene.

If you have ever been a fan of films like “King Kong,” “Godzilla” or any movies where a giant creature finds his way into an unfamiliar place to cause mass destruction, then you will also be a fan of this film. The CGI was great. It made everything seem like it was happening naturally. 

I was always a fan of the 2010 Norwegian film “Troll Hunter” and this was very similar. I would definitely watch it again.

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  1. I don’t like the ending!! Awful
    What about the trolls? Human kills his family then you kill the king! What kind of movie is that!? In the first place trolls didn’t even do something then they are called to be monsters and villain!! Stupid movie i said what i said.

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