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According to one reliable administration source, President Donald J. Trump is a “moron.” Furthermore, his dwelling, beneath the portico at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. has turned that once respectable living space into “an adult day care,” according to another influential Washington Republican.

“Somebody obviously missed their shift this morning,” and the Moron in Chief took out all his toy soldiers and stood them all up around himself and said it was “the calm before the storm.”

He warned that soon, he would make North Korea acquainted with something truly awful, because “they only understand one thing.” Asked what that “one thing” might be, he winked like Santa Claus in a movie scene.

His Nibs is prepared to decertify, and then tear up the Iran nuclear treaty, reached in 2015 with all five U.N. Security Council member nations, plus Germany. “Worst deal ever,” tear it up, he says. Never mind the other five parties and the U.N. If this guy is to be believed, the U.S. can just pull out of any agreement, at any time it feels like it, with no adverse consequences.

That’s a great incentive for North Korea to roll over and make a “deal” to give up their nuclear ambitions with This Dude. America is good to its word … sometimes.

So while he’s saber rattling at North Korea and Iran, bedlam broke out involving elite U.S. Green Berets in Niger. Still-unidentified forces attacked a U.S. unit and accompanying Nigerian forces when they were out on a “training” mission.

The Donald, the “moron” president, aims to set all the errant U.S. foreign policy aright, that has been going wrong for the past couple of generations. In what suffices for his brain, he reckons that the perceived size of the testicles of his recent predecessors is the reason all these foreign powers have been taking advantage of this country.

He can’t declare war on North Korea. The two countries are still officially at war! A truce was signed ending hostilities in 1953, establishing a “de-militarized zone” separating the North from South Korea.

If the United States had been capable, it would have prevailed in North Korea back then. If the U.S. had been capable, it would have prevailed in Vietnam, instead, this country slinked out of that quagmire with its tail between its legs, and its dignity shattered with 57,000 dead — at least 40,000 of whom were sent to their death after Presidents Kennedy, Johnson and Nixon and their advisers McNamara and Kissinger all concluded that war could not be won! Real deaths. Not fake deaths.

Now what does this “dotard” (an old mentally deficient man, a title hung on him by the North Koreans) know about foreign policy that those presidents before him didn’t know? He thinks his unstable reputation and bullying persona can cause nations with superior advantages and resources over the U.S., to simply capitulate and let him have his way, the way he does with contestants backstage at beauty pageants!

If he were a smart moron, 45 would realize that this country cannot win another war, so it would be good for him not to get involved in one. But he’s an ordinary moron, not a smart one, and he just sent several thousand more U.S. forces back over to Afghanistan — to Afghanistan, for crying out loud! Alexander the Great couldn’t conquer Afghanistan! The “smart” U.S. plan — which worked at first — was to get Russia bogged down in a war they could never win in Afghanistan. That’s when this country was pals with Osama bin Laden, who was the U.S. proxy to fight the Russians.

The U.S. fell into the trap it set for the Russians. Oh, well.

If he was an alert dotard, 45 would stop his belligerent, war-mongering rhetoric, both on Twitter and out of his wretched mouth. But he’s a dumb dotard. He’s in denial (with a lot of his friends in power) about the fact that the Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea will acquire a nuclear arsenal. Would he start World War III, and lead to the potential deaths of hundreds of thousands of people trying to prove he made up a clever nickname — Little Rocket Man — for another world leader? Maybe he would.

But it won’t be because that little country would ever target its eventual 50- to 100-missile arsenal at the United States. That is pure hype for the TV ratings game. Adversaries Japan and South Korea are just a stone’s throw away from the DPRK.

I’m not counting on any success whatsoever from this country’s witless leader in the White House. Woe to those who support his reckless ways. Those who follow him, or let him lead them, do so at their own peril.

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Askia Muhammad

WPFW News Director Askia Muhammad is also a poet, and a photojournalist. He is Senior Editor for The Final Call newspaper and he writes a weekly column in The Washington Informer.

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