Jeffrey Epstein
Jeffrey Epstein

I confess. I have been bamboozled in the past, but not this time. This Jeffrey Epstein murder is a slam dunk. I am convinced Epstein was murdered by multiple other persons. The authorities insist he murdered himself — the definition of “suicide.” I don’t buy it.

I’m no conspiracy theorist. I realize that such entities as the “Boule” and the “Illuminati” have existed for centuries. But I’m not convinced, however, that at this very hour, operatives of said Boule and Illuminati are scheming in super-secret councils to control all our thoughts and actions, and that any resistance is futile.

I accept that Dude actually walked on the Moon, and not on a Hollywood movie set in 1969. I’m in no way a conspiracy theorist. But this Jeffrey Epstein tip is an open-and-shut case. He did not act alone to kill himself.

The Gotham City medical examiner ruled Epstein’s death a suicide and it seems everyone who is anyone has drank the coroner’s Kool-Aid. Despite all of the mysterious contradictions, reporters say emphatically Epstein “committed suicide” in his cell, not that he was, let’s say, “found dead” in his cell, even more accurate than suicide.

There is a cartoon which appeared in the Muhammad Speaks newspaper in the early 1970s. It featured an inmate, in a cell, pleading with a priest. “You got to save me, pastor,” the man pleads. “There’s a rumor I’m going to commit suicide tonight.” The end of Epstein’s life, and the rumors, clearly imitated that art, in my opinion.

You see, there had to be plenty of rumors inside Manhattan’s Metropolitan Correctional Center and around a big fish like Epstein. So what happened?

This guy was worth hundreds of millions of dollars. He was a mark for every convict in the general population, a pimp who procured young debutantes for the sexual delight of rich and powerful men, presidents and princes. Come on. A smooth operator like Epstein should have had some guards he was paying extra to look out for him, right?

Cons would demand that he deposit money on a commissary fund or they promised him he’d get shanked. Epstein was a big, big, big fish with political connections. For him to be unattended for hours, during which time he secretly committed suicide, is laughable. Ha! He reportedly tied a sheet around his neck and a bunk bed, and then “kneeled” with such force that he broke his own neck in several places and was asphyxiated. Right!

If you’ll buy that far-fetched scenario, I’ll sell you a bargain, a deed to some Arizona beachfront property for just pennies on the dollar.

So, hear me out. The fact is that the detention center guards who were to check on Epstein every 30 minutes inexplicably did not check on him for several hours. It was during that period, when the death occurred. Was there a “rumor” on the cellblock that the guards should maybe take an extra-long lunch break together at that same time?

The fact is that the surveillance camera footage of Epstein’s cell during that same period was compromised and is not viewable. A coincidence? A conspired coincidence maybe? There is doubtless, ample footage before his arrest of Epstein and his various “clients,” at his various estates and penthouses. But the footage of his death disappeared?

On top of all that, Epstein is alleged to have attempted suicide while in custody. But just days later, those same authorities who told the world he had eventually succeeded in his quest took him OFF suicide watch, days before the murder! How conspiratorial is that?

One thing seems certain to me about this ongoing mystery. It is that each new revelation about the death of Jeffrey Epstein from this day forward will only solidify the evidence that he did not commit suicide in his jail cell Aug. 10, 2019 — at least not alone.

Now, let’s get back to that deed for certain beachfront property in Arizona which I will make available for sale — inbox me.

WPFW News Director Askia Muhammad is also a poet, and a photojournalist. He is Senior Editor for The Final Call newspaper and he writes a weekly column in The Washington Informer.

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