It’s too bad that I have to say this, but the United States of America is broken beyond repair. This country is not the shining Jewel on the Hill that people the world over are trying to emulate. Americans and their values are not “exceptional” as far as human endeavor is concerned. Soon, I suspect, we will all come to know it.

The United States is a racist, xenophobic empire which, in its brief history, has again and again robbed from the poor to indulge the fancies of the rich and which has duped most of its common citizens — even young children — into thinking that they are soon to become the next millionaires. It ain’t gonna happen.

The proof in my mind that the society is doomed, is the fact that 74 million people — and a majority of the white folks — voted to retain the corrupt, impeached, lying, philandering, and cheating narcissist Donald J. Trump. What’s even more shocking is that had that grifter shown even a modicum of compassion and even a tiny bit of concern for folks dying from the coronavirus pandemic, he might have actually won reelection!

Going forward, Trump refuses to concede his defeat — 80 million voted for his opponent, former Vice President Joe Biden — boasting that his own vote total was more than any president ever. He has convinced his followers that the election was fraudulently stolen from him, and that measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19 are worthless, unless of course they make him look good. He has permanently poisoned the political drinking fountain so that millions now believe Trump’s wacky conspiracy theories.

This rabid, white tribe is baptized in cruelty and contempt for their fellow human beings. These guys don’t want deregulation, or a lower marginal tax rate, or even The Mexico Wall, or who pays for it. What they want is the freedom to talk openly about the people they hate, and to point guns at those innocents.

In the Georgia Senate runoff elections, for example, both Republican incumbents admittedly made millions of dollars on stock trades based on inside information they received as senators. In a scheduled debate with their Democratic challengers, one — David Perdue — didn’t even bother to show up. The other — Kelly Loeffler — denounced the Rev. Raphael Warnock, her opponent who pastors Ebenezer Baptist Church in Atlanta, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s home church, a “radical liberal.” A radical liberal — as if being either radical or liberal is a sin in this corrupt society!

With a few exceptions, in order for any Democratic politician to even ascend to that lofty level in this country, they have to expunge themselves of any really radical ideas. For example, liberals say $15 per hour minimum wage by 2024, but if wages had kept pace with average worker productivity increases, since 1997 when it was $5.15 per hour, today the minimum would already be $22.50 an hour. Today, two $15 an hour salaries are required to house and feed a family in this country, but your millionaires declare that only “radicals” want higher wages, which they say depresses job creation.

Sure, if they could pay a worker less than the current $7.25 minimum hourly wage, they would do so. That’s what the “minimum wage” means. Remember, there was 100 percent Black employment (0 percent Black unemployment) during chattel slavery.

In the name of their precious white, tribal priorities, Republicans are unforgiving in their hatred of the potential rise of Black people. They label the Black Lives Matter movement as radical. They’ve even got Barack Obama, an iconic figure who is as popular as Jesus among Black folks, declaring that “slogans” like “defund the police” are not helpful in the society.

Sadly, former NFL star Michael Vick served more time in jail for his conduct toward dogs than did all the cops who killed innocent Black men Eric Garner, Michael Brown and Tamir Rice — combined!

But leave it to white Americans, and there would be a gun-toting cop on every corner where Black people live. What should be normal is the Native American model, where there was no homelessness, and jails were not necessary.

I’m telling you; the white American model is irreparably broken. It cannot be fixed for the good of humanity. At some point in the near future, we will all come to see that is true. America is broken beyond repair.

Askia Muhammad

WPFW News Director Askia Muhammad is also a poet, and a photojournalist. He is Senior Editor for The Final Call newspaper and he writes a weekly column in The Washington Informer.

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  1. U.S.A. broken beyond repair…
    Time will tell but, it very well may be true, or soon enough.
    Nov 2020 election (and the attitude towards contesting the results) was close enough (way more than some expected) to understand that neither the Republicans nor a big amount of their electorate (almost half of the votes) do not really care about democracy when it gets in their way, and I do not believe that a country can run democratically if half the players do not play by the rules.
    If this does not get better very quickly it might be time to think about an alternative (separation into multiple blocks of states ?) in order to avoid a civil war or a coup. It is astonishing that most of the population is apathetic (or clueless?) about the severity of the problem and I did not really see the general population showing deep interest or motivation into searching for a solution.

  2. How can it be anything but tyranny when only half of its population feel welcome to participate in the making of the life? It’s not just America. United States of China is even worse with no welfare and crony capitalism rules the day in that polluted mass. The real fault is the stupid, selfish, ignorant God that envisioned this way of life. We live on a hell planet, in other words. They eat and tax each other. At least I’m personally not bothering to recycle for “Mother Nature”.

  3. Hey there –

    I’m basically white (1/8 Lakota and a smidgen of Cherokee) live in Kansas, am 59, and work in the trades.

    And I couldn’t agree with you more, with one minor quibble: I doubt that most Americans will see the truth any time soon, because more political capital has been and continues to be spent in order to ensure that poor whites and poor blacks don’t compare notes than for all other reasons combined.

    Best wishes, sir.

    Power without wisdom is akin to an adze with a ruined edge, and is suited more to the vandal than the builder.

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