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MUHAMMAD: Are White People Evil? Or Do They Just Hate Us?

I have been wrestling in my mind with the American racial conundrum. It’s really complicated. But in the end, The White Man, Whitey, Mr. Charlie, Mr. Bobo is at fault, trust me.

While I have your attention, I want to get something off my chest: I am a “Black Man.” I am not a “person of color.” And now that I think about it, I’m not “of” anything. I consider other non-white people, “non-white.” Now.

There are some who say: “There is only one race, the human race,” and that modern DNA discoveries prove that all people, regardless of skin color or hair texture, have only minute differences, and are more the same than they are different from one another.

I don’t know. I’ve been to Sudan, where in the southern Nuba Mountains there are Dinka people whose skin is so dark, they literally look like they are blue-black. And I’ve been to the Caucasus Mountains in Russia, where the Caucasian people are pretty white, and so unlike the Dinka. Elsewhere in Russia, I’ve seen people with Oriental features and Caucasian skin color. It’s hard to explain those complexities.

With all our religious, cultural, and language differences on top of that, it’s hard to see us all as one race.

Then, there’s the “Cress Theory of Color Confrontation,” which argues that because the people with the fair skin and hair and light eyes have recessive genes that are dominated by the darker genes and if those fair-skinned individuals intermarry — who are also a numerical minority of the earth’s population — their fear of genetic annihilation will be realized, hence they are in perpetual war with the Blacks, the non-whites.

That Cress Theory is the basis for one half of “Askia’s Postulate”: White people are genetically predisposed to evil means of genetic self-preservation. The other half is that they simply hate us.

Of course I realize not “all white people” hate us, but what we’re seeing more and more of, as Donald J. Trump’s boorish xenophobia rises with more and more popularity among white folks every day, is that the “good white people” cannot restrain the hateful behavior of the growing number of bigots in their midst. And even the ones who don’t hate us don’t want us around, except in controlled numbers — they just hate to see cruelty heaped upon us.

But even when the “better angels” (to use President Abraham Lincoln’s expression) attempt to come forward, they get beaten back, as the country continues its racist march toward fascism in the rhetoric of the Republican Party — from Barry Goldwater to Richard Nixon, to Ronald Reagan, to George Bush, to Trump.

Sports apparel manufacturer Nike tried to do the right thing when they withdrew a red, white and blue-themed shoe from the market because of complaints that it bore a replica of the 13-star “Betsy Ross flag” which has been used occasionally at Ku Klux Klan rallies. Nike pulled the shoe because it could “unintentionally offend and detract from the nation’s patriotic holiday.” A commendable decision.

Any path to racial harmony must go through: acknowledgement, apology, repentance, reparations, atonement to satisfy the victim, not the perpetrator. But the white American reaction to Nike was tribal, contemptuous. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) — whose own great-great-grandparents owned 14 slaves, and who said the election of President Barack Obama was all the reparations that Black folks in this country need as repayment for 310 years of servitude slavery.

The governor of the state of Arizona (the very last state to enact the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday) withdrew a multimillion-dollar offer of tax breaks to Nike for a plant to be built in the state. The Nike example teaches us, you can too easily be punished for attempting to do the right thing where Black people are concerned in this country.

The notion that Black people should be shown anything beside the back of a white man’s hand is no longer subversive, secretive in this country. Greed, or tribal fear of genetic annihilation, or just pure hatefulness is driving white America to destruction.

It’s insanity.

Some of them want war. Race war at home, war against Islam abroad — they want the white tribe everywhere to join them in fighting to preserve white-privilege status.

More and more white people are seeing things Trump’s way — the white tribal way — not realizing their life strategy is all wrong. This upcoming Armageddon they want, they don’t understand: they cannot win it by winning.

Whiteness as practiced by white people in the 21st century is doomed.

Askia Muhammad

WPFW News Director Askia Muhammad is also a poet, and a photojournalist. He is Senior Editor for The Final Call newspaper and he writes a weekly column in The Washington Informer.

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  1. I can answer your question iblis loves ALLAH and his problem is he simply has autism he is so immature that it causes him to have a lack of knowledge of good and evil and I will explain that more clearly later Adam HATES ALLAH with a red hot passion I have a dagger that can kill even an immortal that means ALLAH too Adam would love my dagger and wouldn’t think twice about using it on ALLAH I can stress how much Adam HATES ALLAH enough now as we all know black people are believers well ALLAH Is a racist HE wrote a Heddith saying all white people go to heaven and all black people go to hell which actually directly contradicts another Heddith clearly stating that everyone has a place in heaven and hell ALLAH hates black people and white people HATE ALLAH ALLAH is like a highschool boy in love with a girl who will never love HIM back and that’s what HE deserves now to the black Muslims I JEHOVAH the true Messiah have saved you I bet iblis to provide sin be ha Satan and correct his mistakes as Satan to be ha Satan iblis would have to be interchangeable with me and orbit me asking my permission to do anything signing off of ALLAH’S insurance and onto mine ALLAH got involved that broke the contract that was sirk since this is a situation where sirk is correct that gave the Jinn the status of human beings then iblis wouldn’t provide sin then he didn’t ask my permission before he did things he continued to fail to provide sin and finally trump announced his plan to execute drug dealers which violates the law in heaven because it’s not their intention to kill anyone and during which time that iblis failed to do the contract ALLAH cheated four times meaning HE must bare the brunt of iblis’s sins since HE was proven to be less pious than the God who thinks Black people are better than white people heaven is now based on behavior not race

  2. It’s great that you are bringing attention to the systemic racism that exists in America, however, your argument is not factual and it is racist. I recommend you take a genetics class in college to clear up your misunderstanding before posting another article regarding this topic.

  3. This is one of the most ridiculous and hate perpetuating articles I have ever read. You honestly have no clue what you are talking about. Please take the time to actually study the science behind evolution and genetics. As a Republican and a supporter of our current President, Donald Trump, I will tell you that I am for equality for all Americans regardless of skin color, ethnicity, religious preference, sexual preference or any other subcategories you can place on people. The one thing I will agree with in your article is that “There is only one race, the human race.” (para. 3). Even though you don’t believe this, it is very much supported by science and genetics. The differences we have are evolutionary as we adapted to certain living conditions over thousands of years. The idea of hatred from the President and from the Republican Party in general is purely a main-stream media projection that is fabricated and not at all supported by fact. I’ve seen the actual live footage of several speeches by the president and then watched the CNN, MSNBC and other media outlets completely change the narrative of the speech. I suggest you stop piggy-backing off the main-stream media talking points and do your own research, because it is clear that you have not.

    1. The author of this article knows jack shit about genetics and evolution

      That doesn’t make them wrong about out the inherent evilness of white people. Not sure how it came to be, but y’all are all some twisted, vile fucks. Always have been. Always will be

      1. You like being a slave? you like blaming me and me family for crimes we didnt commit? Are you really that devoid of compassion and heart? you sound as stupid as the KKK or Nazis
        Jesus help us all

        1. According to the bible, the Messiah will destroy the children of those nations who committed wickedness and enslaved the chosen seed. Are you sure of what you’re asking when you ask for jesus to help? Perhaps you should read the book before referencing.

  4. Discussing. It reads like to opinions of a Hitler youth member in the 1930s. Middle eastenders views on race were not edified and were simply reinforced after 1945 as Palestine became Israel. Racism is an integral part of oriental opinion. Its Arab supremacist point of view is simply unchallenged because its hidden behind silly words of koranic poetry. Whites might vanish, they might not. But whites built the modern world, not matter how many statues are torn down, evolution is a bitch, guess what happens when you live a few generations in northern latitudes?

    1. I agree that the article is biased, but here’s the thing: so are you…Firstly, no one should be discriminated against- and that includes white ppl. But I find it so foolish that when a white person is offended, they will defensively resort to saying things like “oh we built the modern world”, and if they’re talking to a black person they will instantly report with the world “slave.”

      Here’s the thing though, civilization first occurred in Middle East, India and the Oriental countries, while Europe was still living in a pre-civilized barbaric way, and these eastern civilizations then brought civilization to Europe in the first place through peaceful trade (ie. India) and through brutal military force, invasion and conquering of Europe (ie. Turkish, Ottoman, Persian Empires etc.). So you owe the existence of “the modern world” to them as they were civilized way before you if you look back to your European ancestry, so actually they built the modern world, not “whites”, whites just built upon it…So keep that in mind before you make self righteous ethnocentric comments like this…I’m sure though that middle easterners during their own empires held the same ethnocentric view points back then and looked down on Europeans…

      Also, these same empires, with regimes as brutal as the british empire, were also responsible for enslaving Europeans after conquering countries there, and committing many other unfair atrocities which I don’t wanna get into now… but just keep in mind that “whites” did not invent the modern world, though colonial history manipulated our history books to make us believe this (actually, many modern inventions had their roots in ancient cultures (Sage Kannada first came up with theories of atoms in India, batteries were first invented in Persia[Iran] and China, gunpowder of course in China, as well as some of the first sophisticated ships back then, then ancient mathematical calculations-you’ll find an ancient site in Rajasthan near an ancient Mughal mansion that has 100s of ancient mathematical devices that function and make calculations according to the angle of the sun and the shadows that are produced by it…then the first canons were invented in India and China as well…so even modern scientific inventions though are credited solely to Europeans, it’s simply not the truth, it actually many of those scientific ideas were “taken” (to put it politely) by European colonialists and hen developed furher by those colonial empires. Only Einstein and Tesla were noble enough to admit this- they even stated that they got many of their ideas ie. space time, from reading passages from ancient Vedic Indian texts which mentioned relationships between space and time, atoms etc. etc., so pls stop using the word “white” as a sole monopoly for “building the modern world”, and as a special pass to use the word “slave” when it involves your own ancestral history…nonwhites created civilization and the first scientific theories and inventions, while the ppl of “northern latitudes” sat as cavemen at that time, so why would living “a few generations in northern latitudes” have anything to do with it while those of “southern latitudes” had forged ahead at that time?- Evolution was a bitch back then too…

      Lastly, evolution doesn’t have anything to do with technology- you can (and often do) have highly developed countries with the most selfish, ruthless, evil, arrogant and destructive ppl and politicians you’ll ever meet- who are ready to destroy other countries with either biological warfare or standard warfare, invasion on the premises of self defence, exploiting the resources of other countries. And then (though you can have real evil mfs here too) you can go to deprived countries and meet the most selfless, hospitable, loveable and sincere ppl ever- who still hold to “old world” values like caring for and loving your family, being spiritual and living at a level higher than just your body etc., values that much of the “modern”, “evolved” world as forgotten about and has instead embraced twerking culture as the new religion to worship- now, is that what you would call “evolution???”…Really???

  5. The predictable white hysteria denial and pearl clutching here only verifies everything the author has laid out. White euros occupying america have ( for the past 400 yrs) exibited sociopathic violent racist reactionary behaviors which can only be described as “feral”.
    Caucasians habitually commit hate crimes on innocent people, launch terrorist attacks when they feel “aggrieved or slighted”..and Never takes responsibility for their primitive aggression. Look at how they treated the Indigenous Americans who were foolish enough to trust them. And they wonder why the world regards the euro occupiers in America as “devils”

  6. According to the bible, the Messiah will destroy the children of those nations who committed wickedness and enslaved the chosen seed. Are you sure of what you’re asking when you ask for jesus to help? Perhaps you should read the book before referencing.

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