President Donald Trump speaks during a rally at the El Paso County Coliseum on Feb. 11, 2019, in El Paso, Texas. Trump continues his campaign for a wall to be built along the border as the Democrats in Congress are asking for other border security measures. (Joe Raedle/Getty Images)
**FILE** President Donald Trump speaks during a rally at the El Paso County Coliseum on Feb. 11, 2019, in El Paso, Texas. Trump continues his campaign for a wall to be built along the border as the Democrats in Congress are asking for other border security measures. (Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

I have been wrestling in my mind with the American racial conundrum. It’s really complicated. But in the end, The White Man, Whitey, Mr. Charlie, Mr. Bobo is at fault, trust me.

While I have your attention, I want to get something off my chest: I am a “Black Man.” I am not a “person of color.” And now that I think about it, I’m not “of” anything. I consider other non-white people, “non-white.” Now.

There are some who say: “There is only one race, the human race,” and that modern DNA discoveries prove that all people, regardless of skin color or hair texture, have only minute differences, and are more the same than they are different from one another.

I don’t know. I’ve been to Sudan, where in the southern Nuba Mountains there are Dinka people whose skin is so dark, they literally look like they are blue-black. And I’ve been to the Caucasus Mountains in Russia, where the Caucasian people are pretty white, and so unlike the Dinka. Elsewhere in Russia, I’ve seen people with Oriental features and Caucasian skin color. It’s hard to explain those complexities.

With all our religious, cultural, and language differences on top of that, it’s hard to see us all as one race.

Then, there’s the “Cress Theory of Color Confrontation,” which argues that because the people with the fair skin and hair and light eyes have recessive genes that are dominated by the darker genes and if those fair-skinned individuals intermarry — who are also a numerical minority of the earth’s population — their fear of genetic annihilation will be realized, hence they are in perpetual war with the Blacks, the non-whites.

That Cress Theory is the basis for one half of “Askia’s Postulate”: White people are genetically predisposed to evil means of genetic self-preservation. The other half is that they simply hate us.

Of course I realize not “all white people” hate us, but what we’re seeing more and more of, as Donald J. Trump’s boorish xenophobia rises with more and more popularity among white folks every day, is that the “good white people” cannot restrain the hateful behavior of the growing number of bigots in their midst. And even the ones who don’t hate us don’t want us around, except in controlled numbers — they just hate to see cruelty heaped upon us.

But even when the “better angels” (to use President Abraham Lincoln’s expression) attempt to come forward, they get beaten back, as the country continues its racist march toward fascism in the rhetoric of the Republican Party — from Barry Goldwater to Richard Nixon, to Ronald Reagan, to George Bush, to Trump.

Sports apparel manufacturer Nike tried to do the right thing when they withdrew a red, white and blue-themed shoe from the market because of complaints that it bore a replica of the 13-star “Betsy Ross flag” which has been used occasionally at Ku Klux Klan rallies. Nike pulled the shoe because it could “unintentionally offend and detract from the nation’s patriotic holiday.” A commendable decision.

Any path to racial harmony must go through: acknowledgement, apology, repentance, reparations, atonement to satisfy the victim, not the perpetrator. But the white American reaction to Nike was tribal, contemptuous. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) — whose own great-great-grandparents owned 14 slaves, and who said the election of President Barack Obama was all the reparations that Black folks in this country need as repayment for 310 years of servitude slavery.

The governor of the state of Arizona (the very last state to enact the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday) withdrew a multimillion-dollar offer of tax breaks to Nike for a plant to be built in the state. The Nike example teaches us, you can too easily be punished for attempting to do the right thing where Black people are concerned in this country.

The notion that Black people should be shown anything beside the back of a white man’s hand is no longer subversive, secretive in this country. Greed, or tribal fear of genetic annihilation, or just pure hatefulness is driving white America to destruction.

It’s insanity.

Some of them want war. Race war at home, war against Islam abroad — they want the white tribe everywhere to join them in fighting to preserve white-privilege status.

More and more white people are seeing things Trump’s way — the white tribal way — not realizing their life strategy is all wrong. This upcoming Armageddon they want, they don’t understand: they cannot win it by winning.

Whiteness as practiced by white people in the 21st century is doomed.

Askia Muhammad

WPFW News Director Askia Muhammad is also a poet, and a photojournalist. He is Senior Editor for The Final Call newspaper and he writes a weekly column in The Washington Informer.

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  1. I can answer your question iblis loves ALLAH and his problem is he simply has autism he is so immature that it causes him to have a lack of knowledge of good and evil and I will explain that more clearly later Adam HATES ALLAH with a red hot passion I have a dagger that can kill even an immortal that means ALLAH too Adam would love my dagger and wouldn’t think twice about using it on ALLAH I can stress how much Adam HATES ALLAH enough now as we all know black people are believers well ALLAH Is a racist HE wrote a Heddith saying all white people go to heaven and all black people go to hell which actually directly contradicts another Heddith clearly stating that everyone has a place in heaven and hell ALLAH hates black people and white people HATE ALLAH ALLAH is like a highschool boy in love with a girl who will never love HIM back and that’s what HE deserves now to the black Muslims I JEHOVAH the true Messiah have saved you I bet iblis to provide sin be ha Satan and correct his mistakes as Satan to be ha Satan iblis would have to be interchangeable with me and orbit me asking my permission to do anything signing off of ALLAH’S insurance and onto mine ALLAH got involved that broke the contract that was sirk since this is a situation where sirk is correct that gave the Jinn the status of human beings then iblis wouldn’t provide sin then he didn’t ask my permission before he did things he continued to fail to provide sin and finally trump announced his plan to execute drug dealers which violates the law in heaven because it’s not their intention to kill anyone and during which time that iblis failed to do the contract ALLAH cheated four times meaning HE must bare the brunt of iblis’s sins since HE was proven to be less pious than the God who thinks Black people are better than white people heaven is now based on behavior not race

      1. Whites are evil. They think they can just get off with a slap on the wrist.
        310 YEARS of slavery. You better be shelling out them BEEEG bucks or get ready for the revolution.

        1. Funny reading your statement. since whites made you who you are today. Had whites not given you opportunities to show you talent, you wouldn’t be the rich man you are today and have made rich the thousands of blacks that exist in this country today? Can you really say in your heart that all whites are evil? Blacks talk about slavery, how come no one mentions or accepts that slavery always existed in Africa, where one tribe would take other tribes, of any color, as slave to do the hard labor or sell their own as slaves to other tribes? Slavery has existed from the beginning of time, way before the whites brough slaves to America. How come you only see the bad and not the good? No one speaks of the thousands of whites who give their hard-earned money to organizations who help Africa. How about the hundreds of white missionary churches that pay their own way to go to Africa to inhospitable places where there’s danger of militia attacks to bring food, shoes and necessities to the African people? How come you ignore the thousands of black youths in the streets looting, killing whites blacks and attacking people for no reason? How many innocent black children have died in the hands of black youth? Why hasn’t the black community taken control of that? Even blacks are afraid of their own children. How could trust grow when you are afraid to go out in the street wearing a gold chain because you know it’s going to be ripped off your neck by some black kid? It’s not that whites don’t commit crimes, but it’s a lower. But of course, it’s easier to blame the white for all your pain. How many blacks have had opportunities they let go by because they were lazy, uninterested, because it’s easier to get it from government even if they are poor their entire life. Blacks have been used and abused by their own and don’t even see it. As long as any organization talks about whites, you jump on the wagon without really investigating and then the hard earned money is taken for personal profit. I am white Cuban-American and grew up in America when blacks were segregated to their own neighborhoods. I’ve had close black friends all my live and it brought me to tears seeing all this hate speech. There are thousands of blacks and whites who have strong friendships, and from what I see on TV today, it seems that all love relationships are black/white. So, what you talking about Willis!

          1. White people over the years, systematically put black people in the state they are in today..Flooding the streets with guns n drugs with a large population of the people living in abject poverty, what did you expect was bound to happen?
            How about in the 1960’s when black people where thriving (Black Wall Street), what happened?
            We all know the answer to that. I can go on and on with more facts but my point is, the first step to restoring a balance is accepting where or who the fault’s from.
            There are genuinely good white people of course but like I said, certain powers have been set in place systematically over the years to intentionally favor the white man and the baton keeps getting passed on as the years go by. No matter how many good white people we have, if the conscious effort to change the system is not made, we’ll just keep going in circles and the future will bring forth an even deadlier generation of black people.

          2. I love that you are an unrepented white devil and hell will be your eternal home and that’s from the bible your ancestors used to justify slavery and therefore you are subject to it’s laws because you embrace the fruits of their evil.

  2. It’s great that you are bringing attention to the systemic racism that exists in America, however, your argument is not factual and it is racist. I recommend you take a genetics class in college to clear up your misunderstanding before posting another article regarding this topic.

  3. This is one of the most ridiculous and hate perpetuating articles I have ever read. You honestly have no clue what you are talking about. Please take the time to actually study the science behind evolution and genetics. As a Republican and a supporter of our current President, Donald Trump, I will tell you that I am for equality for all Americans regardless of skin color, ethnicity, religious preference, sexual preference or any other subcategories you can place on people. The one thing I will agree with in your article is that “There is only one race, the human race.” (para. 3). Even though you don’t believe this, it is very much supported by science and genetics. The differences we have are evolutionary as we adapted to certain living conditions over thousands of years. The idea of hatred from the President and from the Republican Party in general is purely a main-stream media projection that is fabricated and not at all supported by fact. I’ve seen the actual live footage of several speeches by the president and then watched the CNN, MSNBC and other media outlets completely change the narrative of the speech. I suggest you stop piggy-backing off the main-stream media talking points and do your own research, because it is clear that you have not.

    1. The author of this article knows jack shit about genetics and evolution

      That doesn’t make them wrong about out the inherent evilness of white people. Not sure how it came to be, but y’all are all some twisted, vile fucks. Always have been. Always will be

      1. You like being a slave? you like blaming me and me family for crimes we didnt commit? Are you really that devoid of compassion and heart? you sound as stupid as the KKK or Nazis
        Jesus help us all

        1. That’s an easy answer. WHITES ARE EVIL ALL ACROSS THE BOARD. Let’s not forget that this is the same race responsible for the HOLOCAUST AS WELL AS SLAVERY. And during the holocaust, their victims were their own race….. WHITE.

          1. Sina, read about the Moors enslaving the whites that was far before that time frame… or the Jews in Eyqpt. Slavery is a product of every race in Earth..

      2. And most of you are either in prison or doing something that will end them up in prison. Lazy, shitty attitude, looking for a hand out, use race as a crutch for your own personal shortcoming, pity party boo hoo. Kill each other at a staggering rate. 7 out of 10 times there is going to be some drama. Look at BLM and how much money that has gone missing from their books. You just screw each other over and over. Really my point of saying any of this is stop worrying about white people and fix your own problems. White people are doing good because they are not worried about your problems. Iq average is predominantly low ooh piece of candy. It takes a certain amount of brain power to figure out the complexities of getting your shit together.

        1. All you can say is BLM bullshit or black crime that’s all y’all have to say . What about y’all crazy ass children killing innocent ppl in school, church and restaurants? Y’all kill ppl because you’re fucked up in the brain , y’all care more about stanky ass animals than your own kind . So Boo hoo cry me a river y’all are very fucked up ppl . Admit it and be proud to be a white American

    2. Why? Because YOU can’t stand to hear the TRUTH? I guarantee if this had been Trump or some sort of editor for a Klan newspaper spewing straight racism, you would be ON BOARD. Dont even bother replying, because I ain’t reading it.

      1. While yes, the article could be based more on science for some aspects, but in the broader sense, looking at behavior, it is 100% accurate. There is a seething passion that whites have towards black peoples, and a propensity for horrific, sadistic acts of brutality and genocide. Just look at history, well, before the GOP in their “critical race theory” imagined issue, erase all history and present slavery as voluntary indentured servitude.

  4. Discussing. It reads like to opinions of a Hitler youth member in the 1930s. Middle eastenders views on race were not edified and were simply reinforced after 1945 as Palestine became Israel. Racism is an integral part of oriental opinion. Its Arab supremacist point of view is simply unchallenged because its hidden behind silly words of koranic poetry. Whites might vanish, they might not. But whites built the modern world, not matter how many statues are torn down, evolution is a bitch, guess what happens when you live a few generations in northern latitudes?

    1. Here we go again, these mentally weak afromuricans pretending to be oppressed. But if whites are so evil then why use all their inventions huh? because you useless afromuricans haven’t invented anything even the sports you dominate. So keep lying to yourself about how great your race is even though without us you wouldn’t even be able to type this message so stay dumb and weak black person. Cars, planes, uses of electricity, energy sources all invented by whites so keep riding our coattails.

  5. Well your a different species then neanderthal and Denisovan your sapien black men gave them the ability to do all they do on to black people black is the only way your sapien otherwise your a hybrid between sapiens and neanderthal or Denisovan thats Caucasian or Asian also no heaven will give you women you are lost no exceptions for any evil religion is the fast track to hell there is no excuse for mistreating anyone who you are now is who you would be and it would turn into hell look at yourself how have you been living have you hurt anyone because you have to understand balance ⚖️ white people and others are black creation and if you cry for what they do well stop looking for friends in corruption they can not be your friend they are not well killing, rape, theft, and lies are wrong no good can come from that women are people as well your religion is not going to send you to heaven all Abraham religions are evil no true happiness can come from them there are so many people who are doomed and God is not a man you are the idea of God is beyond your concern as all sapiens are here you believe you are beneath what your ancestors created white people and Asian people would not be what they are if black people didn’t mix with them it’s a black problem created by black people so white people, Asian people, or any other can’t solve your problem only you and other black sapiens if all want to kill over what should be shared you are all going to die and no heaven this world is all you will have they have seen and no one wants to deal with you all hell is a place where your energy can be recycled enjoy your religion I guess for what it’s worth you could have done better but oh well

    1. Actually Homo neanderthalensis cave man is european descent. Today most european people have up too 5% neanderthal DNA! Black is closer too HOMO Erectus. On this planet there always have been two or three Homo groups have coexist together upon this planet is scientifically proven. Today the theory is not accepted even though it’s possible it could still be. But the point is every time you see something happen in the paper it’s usually a black person. It’s OK for Black people to say that white people are hateful and bigot it’s not OK to say that nine out of 10 the crimes are committed by Black people. I think we need to happen is Black people need to except the fact that people alive today are not responsible for slavery and they need to read the history of slavery a lot more to understand it’s not only white people. In Africa a lot of black slave owners were black themselves they don’t talk about that. They also don’t talk about the fact that white people have been enslaved overtime also. I think Black people need to live in the times today and realize there’s more black privilege and there is white privilege. Examples they could have BET but if we had WET there would be problems. The common black is beautiful as acceptable if you say white is beautiful it’s racist. A lot of Black people are trying to dominate white people and become superior themselves and I see a lot of that going on. Me personally I just like to see everybody happy equal and live together. I have black friends Asian friends Spanish friends and white friends and we all get along with each other but in major cities it doesn’t seem to be the case . I see a lot more heat in cities like Philadelphia Los Angeles Chicago where a lot of black folks are very racist. They also see white people racist as well. But Black people need to stop acting like it’s all white people because it’s not.

  6. That’s an easy answer. Whites are EVIL on a whole. Remember, that’s the same race responsible for the holocaust. Their victims were WHITE.

    1. What about Boku Haro in Africa as responsible for the kidnapping killing a lot of Black people itself is that not holocaust and smaller numbers. What about the cities were a lot of Black people should kill each other? You truly are confused. I hope you see the light someday. There of been a lot of black warlords of killed a lot of people innocent people as well.

  7. This is one of the greatest articles I’ve ever read. I’ve been asking myself for the past 40 plus years, why are whites so disturbingly evil.

    Their study and marketing of Eugenics in the 19th century, a grotesque and backward ideology of their kind. We know this isn’t their first crime against humanity. But this a moment where they wanted to spread their evil.

    Nazi scum were also infatuated with eugenics.

    The original inhabitants of the continents we reside upon, we need to repopulate and bring balance to our homelands. The current demographic majority has been a complete failure.

    Thank you for coming here to speak the truth. And may the evil ones perish in every form. May they learn they either change or perish.

  8. Y’t people are evil and it’s something they embrace about themselves, no matter what nationality, what ethnicity, or what creed they subscribe to, there isn’t a single nations Europeans landed on where they didn’t traffic and rape the indigenous children . the fact that most y’t people are patriotic about the colonies they created even while child rape as their origin story should be a clear indication that there is something genetically wrong with them

  9. White people are no more evil than any other race on earth. They have just held more power in the last few centuries. The Egyptians, the Persians, the Chinese, Japanese, the Congolese… the list of human civilizations that have committed great atrocities are endless. In some ways, majority white civilizations have paved the road to the modern world. The first civilizations to allow free speech, freedom of religion, freedom of marriage. The civilizations that all who want to make a better life for themselves flock to…. Just the slightest knowledge of history will squash any notion that white people are the only race capable of evil. It’s become quite easy to spot an uneducated loser these days.

  10. This artical is made by some fuck up ignorant person. Whites are no more evil or good then any other race out their, but at the same time white folks been one of the most generous folks out in the world as it is white folks who are willing to risk their lives to send aid to harsh dangerous nations, white folks thrive to make a world base on honor, dignity, freedom of speech and religion thrive to make every day life easier for the common man. Everyone wants attack and talk ignorant and hate/insult whites but yet want to fleek to nations that was built by whites for a better life.. the white man’s virtues is deep rooted all the way to ancient Europe as the white man virtue never changed it’s pretty much the same we are a very open loving people and welcoming, their is evil in every race but at the same time whites are basically the only race who is willing to forgive the very hands that used our kindness against us even tho black and other races walks all over whites we still don’t hold it against none whites we still try to help improve the lives of all who lives or moves here it’s not easy to push whites over their breaking point but when does manage to do so y’all in up awaking a sleep gaint. Their is a old saying when the white man march the earth trembles out of fear the reason behind this saying is that whites fight with 3 things strength, honor, as a group with we’ll plan structures.

    1. you’re an idiot. Who is willing to risk their lives? Which white person exactly? Are you aware of the millions of civilizations that existed before Whites came to power? Before you became willing to commit acts that had never been imagined. Dropping atomic bombs on women and children, who dd that before Whites? Who tried to hijack the Bible to breed obedience in slaves? Who kidnapped women and children from Africa in order to be slaves? Yes slavery existed but it was a method of conquest, after beating an opposing tribe. Most slaves every nation were given the ability to rise above their lot, there was upward mobility. Not Whites. Whites created an entire philosophy to maintain the status quo and excuse their atrocities. Then they bribed other world leaders to do the same in the name of democracy. Who committed the Holocaust? WW1? 2?

    2. Unfortunately, many people are woefully uneducated in history. For the most part, they simply find a few facts that support their ideology and run with it. Do you want to support that white people are evil? Let’s roll out some facts about the trans-Atlantic slave trade and colonization but ignore any other mitigating facts surrounding it or what the rest of the world is doing. Do you want to support that black people have a tendency toward violence and laziness? Let’s roll out some facts about black-on-black crimes and welfare but ignore the forced circumstances that create an environment where violence and welfare are the only options. Partial regurgitation of facts can be manipulated in any way that suits the speaker. It is rampant in journalism and academia and is simply done so that others who already agree with us can pat us on the back and tell us how correct and smart we are. To be very clear. Every single race has turned toward evil when the conditions allow it. EVERY SINGLE RACE! It is not that white people are evil…of course white people are evil. Just like every other race that exists and has existed are evil. Humankind does horrible things. To say that it is just one race or another is blindly simple and silly thinking. Let’s examine slavery. Slavery happened. It is still happening in horrible ways all over the world. Is it a white issue though or is it a human issue? As per the Borgen Project, these are the facts about slavery:

      1. An estimated 29.8 million people live in modern slavery today

      2. Slavery generates $32 billion for traffickers globally each year

      3. Approximately 78% of victims are enslaved for labor, 22% of victims are enslaved for sex

      4. 55% of slavery victims are women and girls

      5. 26% of slaves today are children under the age of 18

      6. An estimated 60,000 victims of slavery are enslaved in the United States.

      The 2013 Walk Free Global Slavery Index places U.S. at 134th out of 162 countries. Rankings were determined based on three factors: a country’s estimated slavery prevalence by population, a measure of child marriage, and a measure of human trafficking.

      7. Iceland, Ireland and the United Kingdom tied for the ranking of 160 in the 2013 Global Slavery Index. However, even with the top ranking in the survey, these countries are not free from slavery. In the United Kingdom alone, there are an estimated 4,200 to 4,600 victims of slavery.

      8. The country with the highest percentage of its population in slavery is Mauritania with approximately 4% of the total population enslaved. This amounts to roughly 140,000 to 160,000 people enslaved — Mauritania’s total population is only a mere 3.8 million.

      9. India has the largest number of slavery victims at a horrifying 14 million.

      10. The top 10 per-capita slavery hot spots are:
      Cote d’Ivoire

      History shows that slavery has existed for the entirety of human existence. The claim that it wasn’t the same type of slavery is easily debunked. Chattel slavery has been practiced for millennia. Just because there were certain cultures that did not practice it at certain times in their existence does not mean it was not happening on a regular basis. The Inca, the Mayan, the Commanche, the Creek, the Pawnee, the Ashanti, the Bennin, the Massi, the Moors, the French, the English, the Americans, the Romans (for a large part of their existence) the Greek, the Huns, the Russians, the Irish, the Chinese, India, Norwegian, Swedish…the list goes on and on and on and on. All kept chattel slaves at one point or another. It was and is so widespread, would it not be better to look at what countries have done to fix the problem when it was recognized to be a violation of basic human rights?

      Evil in humanity exists. Simply admitting that and realizing that what is more important than casting aspersions on a race is what an individual or culture, regardless of race, does to combat that evil is what we should be judging things by.

  11. walk what you talk total separation lets build our own kingdom till heavenly king returns in spaceships with heavenly army to deliver us outta babylon the great amerikkkan whore #independent black wallstreets in all 4 corners of earth is only solution if you wanna live liberated and truly free we dont need this system we the heavenly king chosen children of the heavenly promise GET READY AND PREPARED

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