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The United States of America was conceived not in liberty, but in sin, in crimes against humanity. For 310 years, tens of millions of wretched souls, kidnapped from Africa, were kept in cruel bondage, making the nation rich on a land stolen from the native peoples who were systematically slaughtered by the European slave masters.

The country is now torn again, as President Donald J. Trump and his white nationalist, neo-Nazi, KKK, “Alt-Reich,” white tribal politicians are bending the society to yearn for a return to those “Good Ol’ Days” when everyone knew their “place,” and stayed in it.

The irony now is that some white people are so bent out of shape at seeing black progress in this country — all the way to the White House — that they now “want it back,” with a vengeance, and here they come with their Tiki-torch-marches, and their burning crosses, and they’re telling the world that the United States is not “white enough” and that cursed “affirmative action” is ruining everything for them.

Those folks are feuding with some other white folks and all black folks in order to restore the Caucasian Caliphate — the sheer dominance of the white man. That’s their appeal, at home and abroad: “More of the best of everything for white people, first and foremost.” White liberals on the other hand, see things changing for the most part for the better. Black progress and breakthroughs and everything is fine.

Ordinarily, that would be a sweet deal for white folks who would not have to expend any extra energy, but who would see black ambitions satisfied without having to rock the boat too much. But no-o-o. There had to be those darned killings of black guys by police and many subsequent acquittals of any responsibility for their crimes. And then the black folks got all upset, with that “Black Lives Matter” stuff, and that football player Colin Kaepernick upsetting all those other athletes who had been so content.

Now, the fans are upset and boycotting games, players are upset and it’s beginning to look like even pro sports has caved in to the racial demands. Thank goodness the Democratic National Committee has not lost its senses and still values the importance of good old white values above all that other stuff.

In Virginia, DNC leaders unveiled their new slogan — “A Better Deal” — and rolled out an agenda to win back working-class white voters they lost to President Donald Trump in November. The rebranding effort comes as the Democrats have lost all four special congressional elections this year to Republicans.

“President Trump campaigned on a populist platform, talking to working people. That’s why he won,” said the scheme’s architect Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.). “But as soon as he got into office, he abandoned them, making alliance with the powerful, special interest, Koch brother-dominated, hard-right wing of the Republican Party, which appeals to the very wealthy, not the working people, leaving a vacuum on economic issues.

“We Democrats are going to fill that vacuum. Democrats will show the country we are the party on the side of working people,” Schumer said. “American families deserve a better deal, so this country works for everyone again, not just the elites, not just the special interests. Today, Democrats start presenting that better deal to the American people.”

So the Trump Party is all white people, all the time; the Republican Party is in lockstep with that “alt-white” agenda; and now, lo and behold, the Democrats are barking up the same tree, trying to win back the loyalty of white people, many of whom wish that Americans could turn back the clock and pacify all the unruly dissident groups.

I’m just wondering why black people, now that white folks are focusing on the “White Agenda,” why don’t black people — now outside the attention of the liberal establishment — why don’t black people strategize a real “Black Agenda,” that looks out for the interests of black people, without any apology to white folks for not including them in the black wish list.

White Democrats think they need to go after wayward white voters in order to win, presuming that black folks will be forever loyal, like pets. Good. Let them think that. Meanwhile black folks don’t need to continue their infatuation with them.

Askia Muhammad

WPFW News Director Askia Muhammad is also a poet, and a photojournalist. He is Senior Editor for The Final Call newspaper and he writes a weekly column in The Washington Informer.

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