By every possible, by every imaginable, by every conceivable metric possible — digital, analog; stereo, mono; in living color, black and white; sweet, tart, savory; historic, astrological, meteorological — by every objective standard there is, it’s evident for all to see, that this white, tribal enclave called USA, which imposed itself in the Western Hemisphere 500 years ago, is doomed. Doomed! Doomed! At the abyss! Headed for an imminent tragic demise.

What’s more, it’s the ultra-conservative, ultra-white nationalist, ultra-right-wing tribes (QAnon, Proud Boys, 3 Percenters, a hand full of folks called “patriots” and many more) who are hastening the destruction, because some of them think that the Armageddon they seek is a good thing. I think the better question is: “Which one will SURVIVE the War of Armageddon?” not who will WIN such a terrible conflict. It certainly won’t be wicked, white America.

These cow-dung-crazy, white fanatics are on the march to first purify the Repugnikkkan Party of all free-thinking slackers like those who did not sign on to stealing the 2020 election with them, after their twice-impeached, one-term nominee got whipped at the polls. He got 7 million fewer votes and faced an Electoral College landslide against him, yet they tried to steal the election. And, they are still arguing a year later that their standard-bearer, a grifter with multiple bankruptcies and two dozen credible charges of sexual misconduct, and every other foul and disgusting conduct against him, should be President! With such a trampy and foul-smelling role model, it cheapens the office, making it almost worthless, except for celebrity-worshippers.

The GOP and its fanatical components are arranged with their love of guns, into a circular firing squad, yet despite their divisions they are odds-on favorites to whip their feckless opponents in the 2022 elections to control the House and the Senate, and in the 2024 presidential election. The poor, helpless Democrats have this special “baggage” they’re carrying which is disadvantageous to their ability to rule in the U.S. That baggage is the aspirations of Black people and the world’s dispossessed, and a commitment to the concept that all are truly created equal.

The Repugnikkkans have already won the majority of the White voters in the 2016 and 2020 elections. And every day, more and more and more White people are choosing the ultra-nationalists to lead them. They just swept the supposedly “blue state” of Virginia, winning the offices of governor, lieutenant governor and attorney general, as well as control of the state legislature. That was just a practice run.

The right-wing strategy is to win — if they can. If they lose and it’s close, they’ll contest, sue, recount and outright steal the election if necessary, and if all else fails, they’re ready to rumble in the streets in order to take control. White people want absolute white control, with no ambiguity about it from any so-called “woke” folks.

Democrats/liberals are burdened with just, well-deserved Black ambitions, and now are going all-out to include Blacks in all their imaging, so everywhere we look, on the surface we see, Black folks appearing in places where none ever appeared before, often aping the culture and values that rejected them, until, all of a sudden, they started “diversifying” casts and staffs, depicted working or playing alongside, or kissing, or lying in bed with White persons. But the society wants to convince Black folks that if they just behave and “wash behind their ears,” they will be able to achieve the “American Dream” and be close to them, even as White folks perpetrate horrors on them every day.

After stealing North America from its original inhabitants, the white mantra is simple: “reclaiming America … [while] illustrating a message and seeking an America that more closely resembles the interests of its true people.” That’s what a member of the Patriotic Front told a reporter at a recent D.C. demonstration.

And just who would this country’s “true people” be, pray tell?

They bathe themselves in the trappings of patriotism, a classic and well-known technique employed by dictatorial, fascist parties.

Trust me. When they get into power — by fair means or foul — they will immediately suspend the rules, the Constitution, and declare themselves czars, for life.

In their minds, it’s Armageddon, and it’s on. Some of them even predict (hope for) a civil war in this country, at the same time a world war is waging abroad. This is one doomsday warning that should not be taken lightly.

WPFW News Director Askia Muhammad is also a poet, and a photojournalist. He is Senior Editor for The Final Call newspaper and he writes a weekly column in The Washington Informer.

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