Brett Kavanaugh
Judge Brett Kavanaugh speaks to members of Congress. (Courtesy of WBUR)

Of all the cum laude graduates of Yale University and Yale Law School to choose from, Donald J. Trump (the trampiest president in U.S. history) has selected Brett Kavanaugh, perhaps one of the sleaziest guys from that elite company of Yale grads, to serve for the rest of his life on the U.S. Supreme Court. That’s a bad idea.

Despite a checkered record in public service, Judge Kavanaugh was sailing toward likely confirmation when Dr. Christine Blasey Ford charged that Kavanaugh had attempted to rape her 36 years ago at a house party in sedate Bethesda, Md.

If true, the charge would certainly disqualify Kavanaugh from elevation to the SCOTUS. Here’s why.

There must be literally thousands of other equally well-educated, equally qualified men literally born on the same day as Kavanaugh who never tried to rape a girl during a drunken stupor at a house party. The Supreme Court deserves better than an attempted rapist on the bench. But he might have been absolved, on one condition, one he rejected.

Imagine, if Kavanaugh had said when the charge was first rumored, that he had made a mistake in the past — a childhood indiscretion if you will — but he has since “been born again” and turned his life around. He would still have that tarnish on his record that would otherwise disqualify him from sitting on the highest court in the land, but if he were to simply ask for forgiveness and show how his life has changed for the better, no one in the United States with a beating heart could deny him.

But, probably on the advice of the Trumpistas and wing nuts in the White House, Kavanaugh flat-out denied the incident, thus sealing his fate. It’s now her word against his. Unfortunately for him, it’s impossible for anyone to prove a negative.

When did you stop beating your wife?

Ordinarily it is unnecessary for someone to have to prove his/her innocence in a court of law. But that’s in criminal cases. Kavanaugh doesn’t face any legal liability because of the statute of limitations on any criminal charge he might face, but the question remains: Is this the best person who should sit on the Supreme Court now? The Supreme Court?

Rather than consider the best nominees for the country, Trump (a serial liar himself) and the White Tribalists who think like him are only plotting success for their narrow ideological objectives — eliminating free government benefits for the Black and the poor and especially outlawing abortion. That’s why evangelical, so-called “values voters” blindly support the low-life Trump with his multiple bankruptcies, multiple divorces, dozens of charges of improper sexual conduct, hush-money to porn stars, and other shameful behavior: because Trump will give them the courts they want.

Kavanaugh’s future has been permanently marked. He’s the guy who joked: “What happens at Georgetown Prep stays at Georgetown Prep,” when he was asked had he engaged in any rumored bad behavior during his youth in high school. Not a helpful statement. He was smug, not contrite. But now, if he’s lying about the incident, he should definitely be disqualified from serving on the court. No liars.

Now his accuser, on the other hand, has also had her life upended by this. It’s a secret she’s mostly covered up for decades. At first I wondered why her father would not have gone and gotten all busy in Kavanaugh’s father’s face. Isn’t that how they handle things like that in suburbia?

Then I realized that at age 15, unless the worst had happened, Christine Blasey Ford would not have told her father because she should never have been at a party where alcohol was served in the first place. She would have been blamed by her family. So she kept it a secret, just as so-o-o many girls do, even today.

I was taught a very long time ago: The guilty fare better in a court of justice if they plead guilty and beg for the mercy of the court, than if they are adjudged guilty after claiming their innocence. Are the American people a just people? Could they forgive an attempted rapist?

So, regardless of whether he is confirmed or not confirmed, unless Judge Kavanaugh now offers the requisite number of mea culpas; and promises to go forward; pledging to sin no more and be the best person he can be from now on; unless Kavanaugh seeks atonement; his biography — like that of Justice “Long Dong Silver” before him — will be forever stained with sleazy sex accusations.

Askia Muhammad

WPFW News Director Askia Muhammad is also a poet, and a photojournalist. He is Senior Editor for The Final Call newspaper and he writes a weekly column in The Washington Informer.

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