President Donald Trump holds a "Celebration of America" ceremony at the White House on June 5 in lieu of hosting the Super Bowl champion Philadelphia Eagles, a day after rescinding the team's invitation.
President Donald Trump holds a "Celebration of America" ceremony at the White House on June 5 in lieu of hosting the Super Bowl champion Philadelphia Eagles, a day after rescinding the team's invitation.

The United States of America is a dangerously divided land, headed for doom.

A recent national opinion poll reported that a shocking 49 percent of the total U.S. population believes that President Donald J. Trump is a “racist.” On the other hand, 47 percent don’t think he’s such a bad guy at all.

That figure practically reflects the exact outcome of the 2016 presidential election. Hillary Rodham Clinton received 3 million more votes than did The Trumpster, about 49 percent to 47 percent of the votes cast, but Trump won, fair and square. And now, the population remains riven along those same lines 18 months later.

What’s not talked about in this equation, however, is the reality that the 49 percent plurality includes practically all the Black folks and all the Latinos on one side with a small minority of liberal Whites. Among Trump’s 47 percent, however, is a vast majority of “ordinary” White folks. Whites are on one side. Black people are on the other.

For example, in 2016, while “only” 40-some percent of college-educated White women voted for The Donald, more than 60 percent of White women without college supported him. That’s 53 percent overall White FEMALE support for Trump!

That is important because those women didn’t care that Dude is a philandering, misogynistic, narcissistic, egomaniac with nearly as many divorces as he’s had bankruptcies. Even White evangelicals, the so-called “values voters,” chose this guy despite his abundant and clearly visible low values and corrupt morals.

The same with White workers, now being whipped by the effects of his tax policy—helping the bosses and owners at the expense of everyone else. Most of them still insist that his approach will turn their downtrodden condition into a land of milk and honey. White workers love Trump because, deep down in the heart of White America, they don’t just resent us, they literally hate Black folks.

As for the titans of capitalism and the farmers: they took the billions in tax cuts from Trump and the Republican-controlled Congress to give bonuses to the management and to buy back stock from their shareholders. Those guys are now reeling from the trade war and tariffs this guy has imposed. They are hopeful that hard times will pass soon and their gravy train will return.

Today, White folks are showing Blacks “the back of their hand” the way they did in antebellum times. Their hateful conduct — which is otherwise comical in today’s headlines — has been magnified by social media: #StarbucksWhileBlack, #WaffleHouseWhileBlack, #BBQWhileBlack, #SwimmingWhileBlack. Sorority women, fraternity men — every possible ordinary behavior by Black folks has seen some White person call the police because they feel threatened or uncomfortable. These are the same White police, who all over the country have never needed a reason — before or since Michael Brown in Ferguson — to kill and maim Black folks while letting White perpetrators of the same acts be captured alive.

These cops have shown a willingness, if not an eagerness, to gun down, innocent, unarmed Black males mostly — for no other reason except that this Trump guy has signaled to the world that it’s acceptable for White folks to treat the lowly Blacks any way they damn well please. They think Black folks must take from them whatever they choose to dispense.

But Black folks have a viable option: separation! Me, personally, I don’t want to live under White American authority anymore.

They shun us. They scream: “Go back to Africa.” But we’re not leaving this place where our labor has produced the country’s enormous wealth; where our blood has fertilized every battlefield where Americans have ever fought, so I say: “You want war with Iran? You want to destroy North Korea?” White folks want world domination, but White folks don’t want to treat their own Black “citizens” with decency, let alone like folks they appreciate for 400-plus years of servitude and loyalty that made them rich!

White America even promised Latinos a path to citizenship if they joined their military and fight in your dirty, immoral and illegal wars, then you kick them out just so you don’t have to keep your promises to them. That’s despicable.

Naw, White folks. I’ll sit right here while your sons and daughters, who show college-Blackface-contempt; who hang nooses in school trees and workplace locker-rooms; I’ll sit right here while they go off and die and bleed to defend your government’s wicked policies. Americans think they can go it alone: no Blacks, no Latinos, no European allies, no Canadian or Mexican neighbors on their side. They will never win another war.

Black people cannot convince White people to behave better or to treat us decently, with respect. Not ever. Decency is not in their DNA. All they know is punish, sanctions, weapons, war, intimidation.

Sorry, White folks: that playbook has played out. There will be no more winning by you guys, just watch and see. Follow Trump. He’s firing up the rocket to take this country straight to hell.

Askia Muhammad

WPFW News Director Askia Muhammad is also a poet, and a photojournalist. He is Senior Editor for The Final Call newspaper and he writes a weekly column in The Washington Informer.

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