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Donald Trump (Gage Skidmore/Wikimedia Commons)

Suppose, just for the sake of this conversation, that everything that the Iranian Supreme Leader says was and is the gospel truth, and everything said by the “regime in Washington” is considered a pack of lies.

Suppose the Iranian people felt justifiably resentful of the American CIA which overthrew the country’s popular, elected president in the 1950s, installing in his place the cruel shah of Iran who was toppled by a popular uprising in 1979 … and then the U.S. gave asylum to said dictator, now-deposed.

Suppose among the exuberant Iranian revolutionaries then vying for control in post-shah Iran, that one militant band reacts to the asylum by overrunning and seizing the U.S. embassy, capturing hundreds of personnel, holding them hostage. Suppose the zealots feel justified because the U.S., they are taught, is the “Great Satan.”

Suppose America is the Great Satan.

Suppose keeping millions of Africans in slavery and genocide for centuries and murdering millions of Native Americans are truly satanic crimes against humanity. The American regime calls such charges “cheap slander.” A boisterous crowd chants: “USA! USA! USA!”

That’s the deal. Everyone is afraid to stand up to the bully, even in diplomatic circles.

But suppose the formerly enslaved Africans, the slaughtered Indians, and the Iranians are not alone. Suppose there are dozens and dozens of countries — U.S. “partners” around the planet — who’ve also got a beef with the United States.

Suppose the descendants of those formerly enslaved Africans demanded, with one voice, reparations — a federal, monetary response intended for the benefit of black people, period. No equivocation. For black people.

Suppose those black people, after four and a half centuries, said they are tired of second-class treatment in all affairs and are no longer willing to wait on the harvest America will inevitably reap for its bad conduct.

This is not supposing: the U.S. has gone from slave pens throughout the colonies, to Wells Fargo all over the cities today, even inventing new methods of managing (plundering) money and personnel along the way, as if the fictional “Matrix” is real and the Great Recession and the decades-old export of factories overseas didn’t happen.

Suppose being content with what’s seen as “America’s best interest” is not sufficient any longer, especially when the best interest of black folks is taken into account. After all, their free labor made this ungrateful country rich.

Black folks grieve for the sorrow and suffering of white people. They barely give us the time of day when it comes to sympathy. Some of them seem to delight in our woe.

Suppose radical white supremacists and nationalists, race haters and “sovereign citizens” are dead wrong and are underestimating the value of goodwill with black people as a fundamental component of the American peace of mind?

Suppose Donald J. Trump is not the solution to the problem of American “greatness,” but rather is a symptom of what’s wrong with America, a symptom of the white “god complex” which says whatever’s white is right.

Well, a scenario where I witness the comeuppance of these arrogant, narcissistic, psychopathic racists would be just fine with me.

During the Cold War, the ubiquitous “Ugly American” began to recede from our vision. “Political correctness” began to tame some of the wilder behavior, as though there was a moral compass buried in the heart of these wild people. And maybe there is common decency to be found somewhere among these people, but the bigoted forces are trying to make a comeback and just may be successful this election year.

Now, not only are the bedrock principles of decency and mutual respect being tossed onto the scrapheap, but even political correctness itself — that is, desiring to be correct and respectful and civil toward other people and their views — has been scrapped on the altar of angry, white-people-ness.

Believe me. I take no joy in saying to white people, especially in America and the West, “white people, you are disagreeable to live within peace.” In order to have a future in this modern world, white folks must understand that their way of thinking is wrong and their core beliefs are contrary to the way of peaceful people.

Get over it, white people. You’ll never again have it like you had it with the rest of the world’s people.

Askia Muhammad

WPFW News Director Askia Muhammad is also a poet, and a photojournalist. He is Senior Editor for The Final Call newspaper and he writes a weekly column in The Washington Informer.

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