Courtesy of President Trump via Facebook
**FILE** President Donald Trump (Courtesy of Trump via Facebook)

Watching the brouhaha involving the misogynistic, narcissistic, draft-dodging, frequently bankrupt, frequently divorced scam artist named Donald J. Trump, who has admitted to groping and peeping at women, who has been accused by two-dozen women of unwanted sexual advances, and who is now president of the United States, complaining about federal agencies interfering in his corrupt affairs leading up to his stolen election in 2016, I confess to being more than a little tickled as his personal acronyms (POTUS, FLOTUS and VPOTUS) battle with what his minions call the “deep state” acronyms (the FBI, the DOJ, the IRS and the CIA). Wow. A battle royal.

As a Black person who has almost all his adult life been resentful of the unnecessary, heavy-handed, law enforcement presence in “Da ‘Hood,” it gives me no small amount of amusement to see those alphabets all in hot water with one another. Like the police departments who fraudulently tell their citizens they are all “Officer Friendly,” and they are there to “protect and serve,” U.S. law enforcement, like the FBI (founded circa the late 1920s) has never been an ally or protector of Black folks.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation’s tough-as-nails director for the longest was J. Edgar Hoover, a cross-dressing voyeur who kept secret files of top government officials and used it to blackmail them into giving him a free hand. In fact, good old J. Edgar was the young attorney who in 1924 conspired to frame and bring down the Rt. Hon. Marcus Mosiah Garvey on fraudulent, trumped-up charges even before the FBI existed, and even though he once wrote that Garvey was not guilty of any crimes.

The IRS (founded circa 1913), same kind of story: never a friend of Black folks.

Black leaders, organizations and individuals have rarely gotten any “justice,” from the Department of Justice. No. The Richard Pryor joke nails it: “I went down there looking for justice, and that’s just what I found: just us.”

And the Central Intelligence Agency was even the subject of a film insurrection — Sam Greenlee’s “The Spook Who Sat By The Door,” which told the story of a loyal black CIA employee who was so mistreated by the agency that he rebelled and organized and plotted a Black urban uprising, a domestic revolution.

So it’s fun to see them all get taunted by the person who is ostensibly the “boss” of those executive branch agencies for exceeding their limits in his case. And so The Donald himself, who is likely guilty of multiple crimes and misdemeanors but will never be impeached and removed from office, is all frisky because the federales are sniffing around his motley domain, looking to expose and prosecute his filthy behavior going on there.

The Donald knows the wickedness he has engaged in. The Donald knows the truth about the so-called “Russian Dossier,” which reportedly documents that he hired prostitutes to symbolically humiliate former President Barack Obama by urinating on a bed in which Obama once slept in Moscow. Trump knows if it happened or not.

The Donald knows the truth about the Stormy Daniels caper, hence his nondisclosure agreement using an alias. He knows if she did or did not spank him with a magazine featuring him on the cover as she claims. He knows what happened when pictures were taken of the two of them together. Geez!

The Donald knows Stormy was paid hush money just days before the 2016 election, because he repaid his lawyer who arranged that deal. He knows what happened with former Playboy centerfold Karen McDougal, who also signed a secret NDA after claiming she had a yearlong affair with him while first lady Melania Trump was expecting their 12-year-old son Barron. He knows what went on with her for that year. He knows whether he would have left his wife for her or not, as she claims he told her.

The Donald knows what went on with all the other two dozen women who have accused him of gross, unwanted sexual advances, because he was there when all the lowlife behavior took place, the kind of behavior he talked about on the “Access Hollywood” tape. Trump is a witness! Of course, he can’t be forced to confess or testify against himself, but he most certainly knows the truth. That’s why he wants to stop the investigation, not because he knows there’s nothing to find.

And now, the same government agencies that destroyed Black communities and individuals with COINTELPRO — the counterintelligence program launched solely to keep Black communities and organizations divided and “prevent the rise of a Black Messiah” — are now accused of harassing the president. That’s poetic justice.

Those agencies told lies and kept Black organizations — even gangs and criminal elements — fighting with and killing one another. And now POTUS 45 is accusing those folks of spying on his corrupt and demented 2016 presidential campaign.

When things like this happened when I was growing up in Watts, California, we used to say: “The worm has turned.”

Well, now I’m happy to say to this loathsome creature who occupies the highest office in the United States of America: “Welcome to Da ‘Hood!”

Askia Muhammad

WPFW News Director Askia Muhammad is also a poet, and a photojournalist. He is Senior Editor for The Final Call newspaper and he writes a weekly column in The Washington Informer.

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