Courtesy of President Trump via Instagram
Courtesy of President Trump via Instagram

Even if Donald J. Trump manages to stay in the White House until 2036 like his role model Vladimir Putin has been permitted by the Russian people; even if he gets a 6-3 majority, a 7-2 majority, even a unanimous majority on the Supreme Court; even if his Repugnikkkans hold on to the Senate majority and take back control of the House of Representatives in 2020 and proceed to rewrite every liberal law on the books; it will avail him/them naught, because their time for evil domination is up. That’s because race hatred is a losing proposition.

The same goes for Arkansas Sen. Tom Cotton (R) and Hall of Fame football coach Mike Ditka. It goes for all the Karens and Kens out there as well. Time’s up for hate. Game over.

Most recently, The Donald left the White House the day Rep. John Lewis’ remains arrived to lie in state at the U.S. Capitol Rotunda. He told reporters, “I’m not going,” when asked if he would pay his respects to the civil rights icon. He recently showed more respect to accused sex trafficker Ghislaine Maxwell than he did to this hero.

He also said that the Confederate “stars and bars” flag does not represent hate and that he would veto legislation requiring U.S. Army bases named for traitorous Confederate generals be renamed.

Cotton, whose state ranks 48th out of 50 for most every positive measurement in this country — only ahead of Alabama and lowly Mississippi — and what prosperity Arkansans have is built on the forced labor of enslaved Africans, got his panties in a bunch over public schools desiring to use the Pulitzer Prize-winning series “The 1619 Project” by the New York Times in their curricula.

He offered an amendment to education funding to withhold money from schools which taught “1619,” a study of “the peculiar institution.” He defended his bigoted policy, telling the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette that slavery was a “necessary evil,” which requires no further study.

Ditka came to fame in a league whose players are 68 percent Black. Ditka said that players taking a knee during the national anthem before games was “disrespectful” and that folks doing so should “get the hell out of this country.”

The kneeling protest was begun several seasons ago by champion quarterback Colin Kaepernick to call attention to police brutality committed wantonly against Black people in this country.

Meanwhile, almost every day, otherwise intelligent White men and women — professionals, stockbrokers, attorneys and realtors, not your so-called “deplorables,” Karens and Kens — are getting unhinged, drawing guns, ranting, refusing to wear protective face masks during the worst health crisis in 100 years, just because, I believe, they perceive Black folks to somehow be beneficiaries of their otherwise cautious behavior. Too bad.

Now, while neither #45, nor Cotton, nor Ditka, nor Karen nor Ken would ever knowingly be on my BFF list, I don’t hate them. I’d never proclaim that I believe in free speech, and then seek to block one of them from exercising their freedom to speak. What kind of hypocrite would that make me if I did? You see a “democracy” such as this country boasts itself to be, exists with the consent of the governed.

So just because His Nibs steals the 2020 election, or refuses to vacate the office after he’s defeated, it doesn’t matter. I can always withhold my consent. I’m not going to commit treason as Robert E. Lee and former Mississippi Sen. Jefferson Davis did, leaders of the Confederate rebellion did, and raise up arms against my government.

I’m not going to blaspheme my colleagues just because I have the bully pulpit and don’t dig where they’re coming from. But I’m certainly not going to go along with them when they ask for volunteers to help them defeat some foreign enemy. Let their children volunteer to fight. No Iranian ayatollah ever called me a “nigger” or athletes who look like me “sons of bitches.”

These guys can be in charge and make all the rules, just as they’ve done over Black folks for more than 400 years — just like it says of Pharaoh in the Bible. But there’s no way they’re going to force me or my progeny back into slavery.

They are going to need my enthusiastic support before I ever bow and scrape to them to get the Freedom, Justice and Equality they’ve denied to my people for centuries. And their conduct does not deserve my support.

Askia Muhammad

WPFW News Director Askia Muhammad is also a poet, and a photojournalist. He is Senior Editor for The Final Call newspaper and he writes a weekly column in The Washington Informer.

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