Courtesy of Donald Trump via Twitter
Courtesy of Donald Trump via Twitter

Donald J. Trump will win reelection in 2020 because:

1. He is a lying prevaricator who doesn’t know the truth from a lie and who would lie as quickly as he’d tell the truth if it would make him look better than everyone else — and because many white people (and even eight or nine Black ones) want to believe he represents The Second Coming.

2. Republican operatives in every town and hamlet are already busy practicing — practicing, not preparing — exactly how they will steal the election. They will defame and try to shame every potential rival, in order to dampen the enthusiasm of those “Never Trumpers” who might not cotton to the eventual Democratic nominee. This makes the contest close, where the operatives take over. Trump wins. No “hanging chads” needed.

Of the last three U.S. presidents, two — Republicans Trump in 2016 and George W. Bush in 2000 — won the office with fewer popular votes than their Democratic opponents, yet they were able to prevail thanks to the historically “slavery-tilted” Electoral College. Trump is capable of — and willing to — steal this election if he must.

3. He is impervious to shame. He cannot be embarrassed, certainly not by truth, science or reality, not even by his own oafish self. The stock market wipes out $3 trillion in wealth in the worst week since the Great George W. Bush Recession of 2008. Trump shrugs it off. Hey, the markets will bounce back.

He drones on and on about flushing toilets and showers, for crying out loud, at a reelection rally, in front of thousands of people. The crowd roared its approval. He’s their ever-loving president of the United States, just like them and unapologetic about the crudeness, in fact, proud of The Crude.

4. Things are just humming along. There’s no caravan of body bags full of dead soldiers returning from war. There’s no scandal larger than himself—he’s an impeached, sexual predator, scam business operator, who paid off porn stars to keep quiet about him. Overall, the rich guys aren’t complaining about Trump’s policies, despite his clownish style of governance. So that means us average squares think everything is alright, as well. Trump wins.

5. Democrats are gun-shy and are fond of forming circular firing squads. Too many are fearful of advocating the radical solutions necessary to stop the AmeriKKKan rot from within, before then trying to set the country on a sustainable course for the future.
The Number 1 issue which white America must resolve for its survival, is justice for the tens of millions Black men, women, and children, whose ancestors were kept in servitude slavery for 310 years. I believe that the best solution to that calamity is to permit Black people to form a separate state of our own. Although most whites can’t stand to have Black folks among them, they loathe the idea that Blacks might be happy living apart from them. That’s why Donald Trump wins: white people want him to win and keep things going along, just the way they are.

6. He invigorates the political libido of white AmeriKKKa. Trump’s image of just taking what he wants, arouses the cave-man, savage instinct, especially among white, gun-loving men in a completely sexual way. There they are, SEAL tams, penetrating vulnerable countries, chanting the motto, “Kill them all.” And despite politically correct complaints about the toxic masculinity involving Trump, Republicans and guns, all too many women are charmed by Trump’s swagger, like all too many sorority “girls gone wild” video participants a generation ago. Today, a stripper pole is part of the Super Bowl halftime show.

Friday night smackdowns, bloodsports — Trump wins because he is political Viagra for white people, and they want all of that they can get.

Askia Muhammad

WPFW News Director Askia Muhammad is also a poet, and a photojournalist. He is Senior Editor for The Final Call newspaper and he writes a weekly column in The Washington Informer.

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