Kevin Love (Charles Krupa/Associated Press)
Kevin Love (Charles Krupa/Associated Press)
Kevin Love (Charles Krupa/Associated Press)


( — Man, are the NBA playoffs great or what? This weekend’s slate of games featured several crazy buzzer-beaters and a Hall of Fame “mic drop” interview from Paul Pierce.

Before you know it, though, commissioner Adam Silver will be crowning a new champion and the focus will immediately shift to which top players will be switching teams. This year’s free-agent class is solid, and there are plenty of rumors about where some of the league’s top players will end up.

With all of the speculation flying around, it’s hard to keep up with what is a legitimate report and what is just an unfounded rumor. Luckily we are here to round up all of the latest buzz on the Association’s big-ticket players. Here’s a look at a few rumors for some top free agents as well as a prediction for where each player will end up.



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