A tech company has launched an app it says will help employers verify their workers’ coronavirus vaccination status before they physically return to the office.

The new app — produced by Proxy, a company that sells identity technologies — allows employees to confirm their health status without sharing personal wellness information.

To operate the app, employees download it on their smartphone, upload photos of their vaccine cards and government-issued identification and proceed to tap their phone to an iPad serving as a check-in kiosk in the lobby or entrance to the office, Axios reported.

Because of the app, employers won’t have to hand-check vaccine cards as employees enter their workplace and it allows workers to upload their coronavirus tests results or a health scan, if an employer wants this information.

A survey by insurance firm Willis Towers Watson found most employers aren’t requiring or planning to have employees vaccinated before they come back to the office. However, among the 28% that will, half of those will require proof of vaccination.

Denis Mars, Proxy’s co-founder and CEO, said “people want to get back to normal, they want to get their businesses back to normal, but they also don’t want to be increasing the risks to their employees.”

“Every [Human Resources] person or every person who’s responsible for an office is asking themselves, ‘how do we do this safely and responsibly?’” Mars said, Axios reported.

Mars said his app is the first of its type mainly for businesses from the perspective of privacy-first.

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