In the aftermath of the resignations of the University of Missouri’s president and chancellor, Chuck Henson, associate dean for academic affairs and trial practice at the university’s School of Law, has stepped into the newly-created post of interim vice chancellor for inclusion, diversity and equity.

Henson, a former assistant attorney general in the Missouri Attorney General’s Office, said a priority in his new role will be to just listen.

“Everyone who is in this community is working very hard to move our relationship with each other forward,” he said in a recent teleconference with reporters. “The concerns aren’t limited to the student body. These are concerns of everybody in the community, and there are concerns about everyone’s voice being heard; there are concerns about everyone having a fair opportunity in their education.”

Henson earned his bachelor’s degree from Yale and law degree from Georgetown University. Both schools have been at the forefront of the increasing racial tensions on several campuses nationwide.

Henson began his tenure at the University of Missouri in 2009, where he has served as an adjunct professor, visiting professor and trial-practice professor of law.

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