A new documentary, “What About Me,” shares the rarely heard and insightful reflections of Black men in America.

Available on Amazon Prime Video, the hour-long will run throughout Black History Month and features the following men: actor Marcus Scribner of ABC’s “Black-ish;” actor Timon Kyle Durrett of OWN’s “Queen Sugar;” actor Roshon Fegan of OWN’s “Greenleaf;” attorney Todd Belcore of Social Change; and civil rights Attorney J. Wyndal Gordon – “The Warrior Lawyer.”

“Amazon Prime Video provides us with a platform that will dramatically expand our audience reach across the nation,” said D. John Jackson of 5J Entertainment. “Our goal is to change the national conversation about the plight of African Americans by shining a light on Black men and their individual stories. Many of the stories have gone unnoticed by the mainstream media for generations.”

“During the course of the film, viewers will be taken on an unexpected journey into the daily lives, struggles, and achievements of Black men who want to make difference in their careers, families, and communities,” said Taroue Brooks, executive producer.

Taroue Brooks (Courtesy of Landmark Productions)

“We believe important film segments will inspire a national conversation about criminal justice reform, economic development, political power, and modern-day racism. These dialogs are particularly important as the country has entered into an historic period of civil unrest and transformation,” Brooks said.

“From the violent insurrection on U.S. Congress fueled by the White Nationalist movement, to the health of Black Americans endangered by COVID-19, to millions of like-minded individuals taking to the streets to protest deadly force by law enforcement – this documentary is more important now than ever,” said Darryl Pitts, executive producer.

“Despite our significant contributions to society, Black men are still in the fight for our lives. We must be engaged in the national conservation or the United States will never be successful in taking the necessary steps towards achieving unity and equality,” Pitts said.

Megan T. Ebor, Ph.D., director and writer of the 2012 award-winning documentary “Even Me,” said “What About Me” provides a refreshing and long overdue depiction of positive Black men in America. She added the film defies societal myths perpetuated through various media outlets of the absentee Black father and offers a more balanced narrative insisting that parental absenteeism is a human problem that occurs across groups.

Darryl Pitts (Courtesy of Landmark Productions)

“An overarching theme that is reiterated throughout the film drives home the point that Black men are not a monolith and are so much more than the limited representations propagated in American culture,” Ebor said.

“The film thoughtfully demonstrates the vulnerabilities of Black men as they recount incidents of discrimination, micro-aggressions and racially-motivated violence regardless of class/societal positionality. As a racial scholar, researcher and mother of three Black sons, I can attest, that this film is a primary example of the importance and necessity of diverse filmmakers.”

“Here, the three executive producers thought it critically important to expand upon the Black narrative – telling the untold stories of what it is to be successful, proud, educated, talented and community-driven Black men in America. The brotherhood and mentorship shown in the latter portion of the film (through the stories of Thompson McLeod, Tyson Dowdell, Nate Tinbite and Trey Causey) are heartwarming visuals that raise the visibility of the good work being done in our communities—for which the heroes often go unsung,” Ebor said.

Ebor concluded that the documentary gives hope and perspective of Black narratives that are often overlooked, rarely celebrated, and considered not to be newsworthy.

For more information about the film, please visit the producers on Facebook and Instagram at @whataboutmedocumentary.

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