The Trump administration has harmed people of color in significant ways, according to the Center for American Progress. (Courtesy of CAP)
The Trump administration has harmed people of color in significant ways, according to the Center for American Progress. (Courtesy of CAP)

The Center for American Progress (CAP) has released a new interactive that illustrates 365 ways that the Trump administration actively harms people of color.

Each week for the next year, CAP officials said they will publish seven instances of the administration’s policies and practices that are directly harming people of color.

The catalogued harms will showcase the effects of these policies over the administration’s tenure, officials said.

“We are launching this yearlong project to bear witness and highlight the hundreds of ways that the Trump administration systematically and disproportionately has harmed and continues to harm people of color,” Danyelle Solomon, CAP vice president of race and ethnicity policy, said in a news release. “What cannot be forgotten is that this administration’s policies and practices have very real consequences for millions of people in this country, affecting their health, physical safety and ability to thrive.”

Since President Donald Trump’s inauguration in January 2017, his administration has implemented or proposed policies and practices that negatively affect people of color, wrote Abril Castro, the catalogue’s author and CAP’s research assistant for race and ethnicity policy.

From decreasing civil rights enforcement to threatening the Affordable Care Act to undermining the U.S. immigration system, the administration has put the United States in peril instead of moving the nation forward, Castro noted.

Education, health care, rhetoric and criminal justice are among the “harms” listed in the inaugural snapshot from the interactive.

From an education standpoint, student debt is a growing problem, with close to half of African American borrowers having defaulted on a student loan.

The Trump administration struck down Obama-era requirements intended to ensure that borrowers at risk of default would receive better student loan servicing and get back on track to repayment.

Health care has suffered as President Trump asked Congress to slash the budget and staff of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services’ Office for Civil Rights, which protects against discrimination in the health care industry.

Under the rhetoric, the interactive notes that in response to white nationalists rampaging through Charlottesville, Virginia, and ultimately murdering one counterprotester, Trump responded by defending the white nationalists, saying there were good people on “both sides.”

Trump also attacked African American professional athletes for protesting systemic racism and bringing attention to police brutality, calling on team owners to fire them. He further inflamed emotions when he joked that police officers should rough up suspects upon arrest.

Trump blatantly endorsed proponents of Islamophobia by promoting anti-Muslim videos on his Twitter account. He also mocked Native Americans at an event honoring the heroic Navajo code talkers by delivering a speech in front of a large portrait of former President Andrew Jackson, who was called “Indian killer.”

“He has also disparagingly referred to a political opponent as ‘Pocahontas,’” Castro said.

When it comes to criminal justice, the Trump administration rolled back a Justice Department program providing technical assistance to local law enforcement agencies that want to build trust with local communities, according to the CAP interactive. The voluntary program was popular among police chiefs nationwide.

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